Tuesday, July 29, 2008

party at lona's

So my aunts and uncles organized a pool party at Lona's House, just like last year, but this time Lona's Son Brandon was in attendance. Brandon and akello had a great time playing with all balls in the house. there were about 10 balls in the living room at one point. I left my camera at Lona's house (i think) so I only have photos that Theresa took with hers. After i get the camera back i'll post some video from the day.

floatation device

wish you were here larry
mmm...stuffed chicken breat wrapped in bacon served with corn relish, guac, and frufru drink.

king of the couch
akello waiting for brandon to catch his breath

akello likes to dip
akello dipping his chicken in the guacamole

So one of the "works" of montessori is window washing. I put this little video together of akello doing it. This is a big part of the montessori curriculam called "practical life." montessori kids learn a bunch of chores like washing dishes, sweeping and mopping, you name it, I dont know why they haven't taught him how to mow the lawn yet, I was really hoping he would have that down by the time we got back to austin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can he pull weeds?

8/01/2008 9:29 AM  

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