Wednesday, August 06, 2008


like my flipper shoes?

so akello has really gotten into swim class lateley. he wants to swim at the pool everyday and has started to say "swim class" every other minute. last week theresa came with me to swim class so i could show her the ropes being that shes going to have to take over for me this saturday while i make a trip to austin.

I dont mind going to the pool so much with how freaking hot its been. So hot, akello needs a hat and an umbrella!




this past monday i went back to austin to handle a few things. One being moving alot of furniture around to make way for the flooring contractor to put in some new laminate flooring !!! woo hoo! The flooring contractor agreed with me that we would have to remove the wood paneling from the living room as it would clash pretty bad with the maple flooring. Of course he agreed, what am i saying, hes a contractor! So as pretty as that wood paneling was....its now gone along with the carpet!!

file photo (b.a. (before akello))


this made the work a little easier knowing that soon i could move all the furniture back onto a new easy to clean floor. On top of this, we are also making some changes with furniture placement and room designation.

The contractor was pretty impressed with the wood paneling,

"they spared no expense here with this. This is REAL wood! A realy nice stain job here too. look at this trim! its been coped! nobody does that anymore! (rip!)

we are going to paint that wall white. a big white wall with maple flooring will really help to brighten up that room.

here we see the flooring sitting in the kitchen as it takes its 72 hours to aclimatize itself to its surroundings.

im going to miss that green linoleum in the kitchen. tears! (of joy)


so we have also done away with the guest bedroom upstairs, (sorry yall) and replaced it with the office, as the office is now akello's sleeping room. We are going to start having him sleep in his own room when we get ONE WEEK!!!! we are SO excited.

The guest bedroom used to look like this.....


and now...


so now you might be wondering,,,,but Gil, if the togo sofa is in the new office, then what am i gonna sit on when i go to your house to watch a movie. And with that, the saga of the plastic couch continues.

Some of you know the saga of the plastic couch all too well. Well its so big that it can only be downstairs, but theresa wants it out of the environment for the school, so that means it goes upstairs, or outside. And its NOT going outside, (unless god forbid theres a flood, in which case we would be able to use it as a boat and paddle our way to safety as it IS made out of fiberglass.)

There is a very small chance that it can make the corner by the stairs. Doubtful, but possible. maybe. Better call in the moving angles expert. This is a job for My dad. I would use my "batman-esque" searchlight that i had made for him with a triangle, but it was mid-day so i just called him.


lets take a look at that file photo again,,,,


This sofa is a beast! Its wide, three inches longer than 8 feet. And we have 8ft ceilings. Did i mention that it weighs a ton? My parents arrived and we assessed the situation. Long story short, we decide to forgo the stairs and take it up via the upstairs fire escape.


my mom takes one look at this idea and proclaims,
"Nope. I think it's time for craig's list"


But we prevailed and now the plastic couch and the eames chair are together as one for the first time ever,

plastic couch, say hello to my little friend!

living room plastic


Anonymous corina said...

I can't believe you have kept this couch. I remember when you got it, or at least hearing the story.
Hope to see you all soon.

8/07/2008 9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Major Nice....I am so jealous. I have been in my hood house for the past 10 years. I like it.

8/07/2008 8:59 PM  
Blogger douglet_w said...

The couch belonged in your man-space anyway. Conan like plastic couch.

8/12/2008 1:10 PM  

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