Friday, January 02, 2009

the garcias go camping

our tent

so neither T or I have been camping since grade school but our friends the mclaughlins probably have REI edition wedding bands so when they invited us to join them for a night at INKS lake state park, we thought it would be fun. We almost didnt go cuss the weather was acting funny, but we were too excited not to make the short drive which is an hour and a half norhwest of austin near a town called burnet.

cowboy church
we saw this sign on the way to the park

All we had to bring was blankets. So we did, i wish i would have brought some pants though.

we had lunch upon arrival to a beautiful campsite. then we took a nice hike and explored.


ak is a pretty good hiker. My freind had one of those fancy backpacks for his son to go hiking with, good thing i didnt have one, cuss akello only wanted to hike when we were on the trail. He let me put him in the ghetto backpack (my shoulders) once we got off the trail


saying hi to the ducks

we roasted turkey sausages and made smores, all that stuff.


fun turned to miserable once we killed the fire and settled into our side of the "duplex tent" that they had pitched lake-side the day prior to us arriving. The temperature was already dropping fast come dinnertime, but was still bearable.

weenie roast

WHYYYY did i wear shorts today

but once the sun went down and we bedded down, it became so cold, that t and i were miserable even though we were sleeping in our clothes, and jackets, and breathing on ak to keep him warm. and then it started to rain. oh my gatos! where's a freakin ton-ton when you need one!

when will this night be over. my feet were freezing. in fact they are still dethawing. If i was alone, i would have already gone to the car to sleep in the cargo space with the car running, heater full blast.

cold morning
ahhh, finally, here comes the sun

the next morning we thought the mclaughlins were eating this stuff up, but they opened up the zip door and said, "this sucks, lets drive into town and get breakfast, screw this camping business." turns out they were cold too.

truth be told i think ak was happy the entire time along with his pal E. Akello even had a record sleep time ...from 7 to 8!!! unheard of!

We had a great time even with the temp, but from now on, we are strictly cabin campers.

count the deer





lake leaves


Blogger malita said...

and THIS is why I don't camp!! If God wanted us to still sleep outside he wouldn't have given us the idea of houses! Sheesh!!!

1/03/2009 12:04 AM  

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