Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Phils Icehouse


So the ATX is pretty family friendly. Only now do i realize this. but it seems that so many restaurants have a playcape attached. Very smart. central market, p terrys, and phils icehouse where we were today. i am sure there are many more that im not thinking of.

so lately ak has been in the "why" phase. you know that time when kids ask why. Usually only asks three times though, think his brain gets full at that point.



Ak has been growling at kids lateley rather that saying hi. "i roared at them daddy"
fascinating. I tell him that you can say Hi, and the other kids wont run away. "we dont roar at people ak. roaring is for lions and other animals that dont have any words. you have words." "roar!!!!!!" is his response. you should see him when he does it too. he puts all his mite into it. get all rigid and red cuss he's so tense.

whadya mean were leaving, we got here an hour ago! and we wasted thirty minutes eating!


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