Tuesday, August 25, 2009

AK turns 3!


today we celebrated. Ak turned three. and it was my first day of school. we went to terraburger

terraburger is the latest little burger joint thats family freindly and boasting organic ingrediants. its alllll organic.


we had been wanting to check it out. its right next to costco and everytime we take ak to costco he sees the wicked playscape and wants in on the action. he's funny, if you tell him. "we cant go their today, were going to go eat at home" he'll keep dazing off and then he'll say, "well i wanna go there next time."

i think we say next time alot.

so today was next time.


the food was good. everything is organic, down to the apple juice in the kids meal.

ak went with a grilled cheese

they have a playscape/waterscape too. T and I think its more filling than p terrys and I think its tastier. and they have really good root beer.


we went home and gave him his gifts, a tea set, and a wand filled with glitter and confetti suspension (he has a tiny little one already)



whats funny is that the playscape had this sign that said rules : for ages 3-12
(not that any parent follows rules when it comes to playscapes)

oh, and the playscape at terraburger is pretty amazing. amazingly built too.

tera landscape
the playscape at terraburger


Blogger Eneas said...

Happy Birthday Akello!
I can't believe you are already three! Can't wait to see you and your lil sis again :)I will bring Eneas over to play with you sometime soon!
Love ya -Auntie Michelle and Eneas

8/25/2009 8:17 PM  

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