Wednesday, July 30, 2008

pool party part two

So theresa found my camera, here are the other pics!


i Love akello's punts. its the quickest movement ever. you will also notice theresa studying while we party. Thats soon to be over as she has already taken two of her three tests!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

party at lona's

So my aunts and uncles organized a pool party at Lona's House, just like last year, but this time Lona's Son Brandon was in attendance. Brandon and akello had a great time playing with all balls in the house. there were about 10 balls in the living room at one point. I left my camera at Lona's house (i think) so I only have photos that Theresa took with hers. After i get the camera back i'll post some video from the day.

floatation device

wish you were here larry
mmm...stuffed chicken breat wrapped in bacon served with corn relish, guac, and frufru drink.

king of the couch
akello waiting for brandon to catch his breath

akello likes to dip
akello dipping his chicken in the guacamole

So one of the "works" of montessori is window washing. I put this little video together of akello doing it. This is a big part of the montessori curriculam called "practical life." montessori kids learn a bunch of chores like washing dishes, sweeping and mopping, you name it, I dont know why they haven't taught him how to mow the lawn yet, I was really hoping he would have that down by the time we got back to austin.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

little behind here


this is the July 4th entry! so behind. We are really busy over here with theresas school. it is non stop work, and between Me helping theresa with an insane amount of coursework, to my job at chilis, to a freelance video project that im working on...oh, and then theres this little crumb snatcher named akello running around here, that i havent even had a chance or a thought in my mind to see BATMAN!


but while the babies sleep behind me and my video project rendering i have a moment to write.

first things first. For the last 3 weeks, akello has been using the toilet! I was so excited i could hardly stand it the first time he did it in front of me. a MONTESSORI method is that your not supposed to give hi-fives or say good job or anything like that, the thinking behind this is that they are supposed to be doing this anyway. I have a hard time with this and always want to say good job. I TOTALLY had to restrain myself when he peed on the potty for that first time. moving on

Akello now uses and knows the meaning of the word "yes". I think his first word was no. but he is so funny when he says it, kinda like, duh! you have to hear him.

akello's latest thing is "whats that"

these pics are from our trip to uncle joes backyard oasis for some bbq and swimming. jOE bought akello a little pool for the event. He had a great time splashing around. Akello did too


there are lots of more pics on the flickr




akello was not going to be left out when shots started going around.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

let me tell you bout it
i kid! i kid!
akello and his ukilaylee (sp)

a man about town

IMG_6685, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

just another day at the galleria

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

no tip?

no tip?, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

this photo cracks me up. like im singing along and he's all, "i didnt ask"
all jack nicholson style in batman.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Akello is loving guitars and ukeleles lateley. Its his favorite thing

Friday, July 11, 2008

blueberry face

blueberry face, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

akello looked like this one day when i picked it up from school. He was eating blueberry pie and had it allllll over him. The other kids had stopped eating hours ago

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

busy again

dang, i was going really good there with the blogs, posting every night for a week at least, but then i started working at Chilis during the evenings. Thats whats got us in the "blog weeds" as i like to call it...get the never mind. I think only my sister will get that one. Anyway. YEAH, we are busy working and studying and having lots of fun. LOTS.


when we last left off, we were getting ready for Uncle Larry's send off party, just like last year, but instead of arriving from turkey, he's headed off to egypt for a year. We enjoyed the finest meats and cheeses that dale had to offer. A big thanks to Dale and Sue for all the meats and cheeses. This time akello had a playmate. He was also introduced to a baseball for the first time and got to get some cake from his grandma pauline.


perfectly coordinated grandparents.

akello was double fisting it all night.

thats Dale on the left, uncle Joe on the right

Theresa and i celebrated our 5 year anniversary by going to eat at On the Border, (since i get a discount, it being part of the brinker family and all)


akello got all decked out in his military gear for the evening

I swear that im a much better waiter now than when i was 18. For many reasons. but one being that i dont hate kids anymore. I used to roll my eyes everytime a kid got sat in my section. mainly because of the bad parents who were getting tipsy while their kids roamed the restaurant like maniacs! you could count on rice everywhere, and having to run your ass off to re-fill the shirley temples. The crying, the yelling, the crayon throwing. But now it doesnt even phase me. The people at work think im a robot.

i need a solja

IMG_6661, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

little sodier boy!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I want my baby back

AKELLO loves the new memphis dry rub baby back ribs from Chili's.

I brought some home the other day and needles to say, he made quick work of them.


akello gets angry and frustrated sometimes when we try to change his shirt or wash his face. But he is so cute because he objects so politely and forcibly. A video would best describe this.

"NO THANK YOU!!! NO THANK YOU NO THANK YOU!!!" he says. You really feel like stopping because he's so nice about it, but after a little bit you realize that he needs to have his underwear changed.

thats whats funny about this blog. you only get to see the nice stuff. I'd love to share the not so pleasant moments too because , well...i keep it real. But pulling out the camera to capture akello's frustrating moments just never come to mind, obviously.


"Get your own damn ribs!"