Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Day 9. The Calm before the paint!


today was busy and tiring. I woke up, and Me and Spartacus went to work. What's totally lame though is that i forgot about the pinche closet, so I had to take everything out of it and rip up the carpet in there too. Im not sure if im going to paint in there though. That'll be a pain.

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So these little floor tack strips do nothing but splinter when you try to pry them out. Even Spartucus had a bit of a time, but I'd say I pryed them off and cleaned up in about an hour.

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I think I will keep Spartacus next to the bed with me at all times, for those, "Did you hear something" moments. I would much rather split some intruders head in two after I knocked his teeth out with a quick jab to the mouth than just shoot him. Hmmm this reminds me to make my "What would Conan Do?" t-shirt. Hey, nobody eveer said this was a family blog, or that I would be censoring my comments. Stream of consiouness is stream of consiusness, with no time to go back and check for spelling...mOM!

So get this, the first email i ever get from my mom is to tell me that I mispell friends and expireance on my blog hOW appropriate.

Anyway. on to baby stuff. Theresa had a checkup today with the doctor and she said everything is hunkydory, (in so many words) Now we got to start finding a pediatrician and stuff. This baby is just around the corner, and I for one am starting to realize that not only is my free time finite, but my time with theresa, alone, as a couple is about to end too. We were walking out of Target today and going to the car when I realized I had nothing to worry about but the sack of stuff in my hand. I wasnt having to wrangle my kid, or push a stroller. All We had to do was walk to the car and get in. Those days will very soon be over. It will totally be like a minivan commercial or something.

Well tommorrow i PAINT!


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