Friday, August 25, 2006


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Words cannot express the amazement that we expireanced yesterday. Pure joy. Pure relief. Pure uncomfortable sleeping. I cant help but think about our soldiers in Iraq and how they stay up for days, and sleep in shifts. I kinda of feel like that. But im on the poopy patrol!

I have changed 3 diapers so far.

I am writing pure stream of conscious style right now.

His nose looks different today. The birth went very well, and Theresa is feeling really good. I filmed everything and took pics all day. It took me forever to download the pics to my laptop. So far I have taken 350 pictures. That’s day one.

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My friend leant me his Nikon D50 Digital SLR as well as a 3 chip MiniDV camcorder.
Two items that I had planned to buy for this day about 8 months ago, but you know what they say…If you want to make god laugh..Make a plan. Big thanks Joey.

Nothing is more beautiful to me than to see Theresa sing to Akello. It is soooo sweet.
Akello came out of the womb kicking and screaming. The nurses swaddled him up and passed him to Theresa. Theresa immediately sang to him, and he calmed down like that!

It was so weird when they were doing the surgery because the doctors where talking about there day to day lives while delivering the baby.

Nurse 1 “so last night I made this meatless spahghetti sauce, wich is new to me.
Nurse 2 “what” meatless?
Nurse 3 “oh, hes a vegetarian”
Nurse 4 “oh wow, a man vegetarian, don’t see them too often
Nurse 5 “I would be a vegetarian but I like burgers too much”

And right after that…baby boy was born!

Thanks to all for you love support and favors!

The wireless internet connect in the atrium is in and out and really hard to upload pics.
Much less send an email.

Got to go!

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