Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Mobil

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Check it out!

Theresa's freind Debra got us this little Mobil. It has cards that you can change out depending on age, and has links built in so that you can make it higher as the baby grows.

We put it over the changing table. The Nursery is now only lacking the shelf!
As soon as we get the shelf, it will be complete!

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Right now i am still working on the doors. I have been painting the doors white. The doors just suck that paint right in. I have to give 4 coats per side in order not to see the wood anymore. Im thinking that maybe im supposed to prime them first. I dunno. i will go to Home Depot in the morning and ask those jokers what they think.

Theresas first day back at school was today. She works until friday and then she will start her leave. I will be taking off from work for two weeks starting on tuesday.

We had our checkup today and alls well.

Tommorrow the Porch is supposed to be poured, but i dunno, i havent heard from the Landscaper, so we will see.


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