Friday, August 18, 2006

baby likes to dance

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Theresa laid down to surf online and baby really started to get down! i had the camera handy and filmed the whole thing. He was dancing up a storm!

So my mind is beginning to get tired and i have started to make mistakes with the doors, so today i just put the drill down and tried to kick it.

I had a few calls to make anyhow and some house cleaning that had to get done.


I have been thinking for a really long time (3 years) about making a film on SUPER 8
you know the old timey film cameras. Super 8's were the first consumer format film cameras and they have a great "old film look". Old film look. Think about that.

Will my son say things like, "Oh, wow. This video of me being born has that really cool old video look!" Will video have that same appeal 20 years from now?

I think that the answer is...Yes. Purely because its from the past. its nostalgic.
It doesnt matter what it looks like. if its not being done in the present time, then it will be cool. I wonder if kids in film school will be looking for old Hi8 Camcorders on ebay to make "gritty" films on ala "COPS".

ok, ENOUGH with the air quoting.

My old roomate Eli's grandfather died about three years ago and Eli went to the funeral. Afterwards, All of the family members went through his grandad's house and picked things that they wanted as his grandfather had no Will. Eli saw a super 8 camera and while not really knowing what it was... he thought i might like it. so he took it, even had to argue over it, and he brought it back to me. When he bestowed it upon me I was really touched. Here was a Super 8 camera in mint condition that recorded sound, (a rare find) It came with the manual, the original case, and everything. I dont think it was ever used to be honest.

I thought, "this is my wakeup call..i have to start making movies"

Well its been 3 years. I keep the camera on my desk as a reminder to keep working at my film career. But im sure that the thing works just dandy and really need to start using it.

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I thought..."how cool would it be to shoot my kids birth, not on video, but on film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats right. how cool would that be.

well, maybe not so cool. cuzz all the other kids' video of their births have that "cool old timey video look" and my kid has that stupid old timey film look.

But seriously, I dont want to look like some tourist with umpteen cameras at the hospital, nor can i trust eli's grandpas camera since i have never used it.

But i do think that once we get home i will get out the old Super 8.

Out of death....Life.


Anonymous michelle said...

Hey Gil, it sounds like you guys need to open up a ZippyVideo account. It's free and you can download tons of videos and share them! Can't wait to see some!

8/22/2006 5:40 PM  

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