Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The 2 month checkup!

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akello is turning out to be such a sweet sweet sweet little boy. So precious and wonderous, so fun and joyous. So it was with great trepidation that we took him into his two month checkup to get 5 shots!

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it was so sad! he would be all happy and smiling, and we just knew that he was only minutes away from needles being jammed into his thighs. Oh it was painful. I didnt want theresa to have to hold him down while the nurse did the shots but i didnt say anything. Theresa asked if i wanted to do it and i said that i would be happy too. well i was thinking, how is this going to affect him?

he looks at THeresa and i as his gaurdians, his protectors and care-givers. i didnt want him to think that "oh, I SEE how it is" So when it came down to it, the nurse told me to hold his arms and not his legs. I was like, "oh, ok, i got an idea."

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i didnt want akello to associate theresa or I with the traumatic expireance of the shots. So i held his arms from behind him without him ever looking at me, then i tried to keep my face out of his view. When she did the shots, all he saw was that lady in green sticking his leg, and then Mama coming to the rescue!

i know some of you think im silly, and i know the baby wont remember all this, but i still think it has an effect deep down inside somewhere.

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He had to get 5 vaccines, but only 3 shots. they combine the vaccines.

he was sooo sad. but he bounced back quickly once in mamas arms and more importantly on mama's breast. He did really good, but four hours later, back at home,he started the most horrible cries. He was in a great deal of pain, unconsoleable high pitched pain. Luckily, theresa told me to stop at walgreens on the way home from work the day before to buy infant tylenol drops, so as to have them ready for this day. i went in picked them up, and then rushed home! i came through the door all hurridly, like the guys in the movies with the anectdote in hand with seconds to spare. I rush into the office and start taking off all the safety seals and what nots, and I ask theresa, "whats wrong, what happened?!"" She's like, "whats wrong with what?" and i look at akello and then the tylenol drops. She munchs on a pringle and then says, "oh, thats for tomorrow."


well after he went into his cries of pain, we started to give him his tylenol once every 4 hours so as to beat him to the punch. It worked, and he never cried like that again for the rest of the day. He slept good that night, i think 4 hours straight!

the little dude was all doped up! gettin some of that nyquil sleep! but theresa told me it had nothing to do with it.

so we have made a couple of changes to the nursery. We took the big mobile that sits above his bed down and put it in the living room. Theresa told me that he would wake up at night and see it, and he would spring awake! Theresa still sleeps with him on his floor bed with him. Soon she will be transitioning away and leaving him to sleep on his own on the bed. i think. dont quote me. i might change what i said tomorrow.

this blog is funny, cuss i usually only write on it after everyones in bed. so i cant go ask theresa questions about anything, so it will be 3 days after i have posted somehting and i will get an email from her all, "45 minutes of solitary play time??!!" "thats when they are 2!" oops. my bad.

so, well see.

but, we moved the mobil to the living room. it looks really cool in there. i positioned it so that he can sit on his bouncy seat under it and can make the choice to look up at it or look outside. see video

Choices are a big thing with montessori. your not supposed to command his attention.
he shouldnt have anything all up in his grill so as to not let him look away if he decides to.

its neat, becuase i wil just be sitting next to him, whatching him look at the mobil and wanting him to look at me, so its always cool when he turns to look at me for a while.

today i was kissing him and he was smiling everytime i did it. that was fun. i caught it on video.

i also took away a piece of the mobil thats above the changing table and put it on the light above the dinner table. im trying to figure out a way to do the same thing above his car seat. hmm...

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without center piece.

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relocated to dining table

i added an acrylic vase that i found at container store to the nursery. THeresa always has a multitude of books and her journal kind of sitting in the corner so I turned the vase sideways and used it as a book holder.

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I also moved the eames rocker to the living room because we never use it in the bedroom right now. Theresa is never in there, just me. And I use the rocker in the nursery when I’m with him.

As he grows and our patterns change I can see us changing a lot of things. Theresa told me today that she wants to move our glass coffee table upstairs for that learning to walk stage. I agree, it will be nice to have a big open area in the living room.


Anonymous Corina said...

OMG he is soo precious. That mobil is really interesting to look at. Keep up the good work Gil and Theresa.

10/26/2006 10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about feeling so bad knowing the baby trusts you and you are bring them somewhere that causes them pain. I guess the only way we can feel better is to know we are saving them from diseases that would be much more harmful (and potentially painful) than the immunizations. My son had an identical reaction at the same age with those immunizations, and it was frightening, but the tylenol did the trick! I liked Gil's way of holding Akello's arms and then how Theresa "came to the rescue". You guys are great!
susan g.

10/29/2006 8:27 PM  

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