Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Showcase Showdown

Mi kim stopped by with her son Jaden to say hi. Jaden is a cool name. He will most likely grow up to be a super hero or something

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Burks Reprographics had a new proof for me to look at this morning and so i stopped by to see it. It was a tough call, the background wasnt the color tone i had wanted but the skin tones were right on and blacks were deep and saturated. I should have them by tommorrow end of day. Amazing. And if i heard the guy right, they will be half as much as kinkos would have charged me.

thats all for now. hate to keep you hanging about the montessori showdown but i got to go to bed. i have a feeling that i might not be able to update for a while, seeing as how work is about to get really busy, but we shall see. ok, in that case lets talk some more.

So one of the montessori rules is that we cant use swings bouncy seats or none of that. I should say that Theresa and i are flexible when it comes to this montessori stuff. I mean its not as important to us now as it will be when he is a little older, but we would like to adhere to the the point of sanity that is.

So everyone is all, wheres his vibrating bouncy seat? how do you ever put him down? how do you get anything done? Lets just say we are both getting better and better at typing with one hand.

Well Theresa and I finally said, "ok, lets go to babysr'us and take a look.

We didnt initially want to use one b/c the thinking is this: Baby should not be constrained by anything he can not get himself out of. He should be able to have control of his environment. or something like that. Dont ask me what montessori babies do when they get in the carseat, you know what im saying?

So theresa and i decided that we could bend on this one. So we walk into the store and went to go find one that theresa was telling me about earlier that day. It had gotten great reviews and had an Aquarium theme.

"gross" i said. "Thats not gonna go." here we had been doing a really good job staying away from cartoony animals and plastics and that was all we saw once we turned that corner of the bouncy seat and swing aisle. i wish i had taken the camera so as to show you a picture. I agaonized over wich one to get. They all sucked.

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I felt like getting the one that looked easiest to re-upholster. They were all way too overstimulating and made noise and sounds and all kinds of stuff. I told theresa, "i like this one, but if it lights up and makes noise, how is he going to know where that noise is coming from? (a montessori rule) . Theresa had a reply with a good point behind it. something like, "well he doesnt know how the sound comes out of the radio", or something like that. I sighed and litterally held akello up so that he could look at each one. I even asked him, "what do you think akello? fishes or bears?"

Well Akello just sighed. His sighs are cute.

Then theresa said, i think Natashca might have one that she said we could borrow, lets just go home, and i will call her. I was all for that.

So then later at home theresa calls me in to the office to look at a bouncy seat that she had found online at I took one look and said, "thank you baby bjorn!"

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it is simple, clean, had three little bears made of WOOD, thats a first, and has nothing but great reviews. Oh and its black, and will totally go. i hope akello agrees. what i also like about it is that its self propelled and bounces only when baby moves, most are like that though. A good montessori compromise.

read more about it here


Anonymous Steph said...

I didn't realize how very much for Montessori decorating I was until I saw the hideous first picture of the bouncy seats. I was totally with you and the Baby Bjorn is so great! I am growing to think of him as a self-sufficient little guy and it's like you and Theresa are his guides and he's not a blob like most babies are. Very nice little Gil. I think you're a great padre.

Also, thanks for the extra blogging bc when you almost cut it off I was like "NO! I can't wait for the Montessori showdown story!".

10/06/2006 11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog for the first time, I'm an expecting parent wanting to do the Montessori thing with my kids. Anyway, I agree those bouncers are horribly hurtful to the eyes! And though I want to try not to use one either, I did see these awesome looking new Svan bouncers:

Much more pleasing to the eye.

10/09/2006 6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooh, they also have this color combination of black and baby blue which reminds me of the beautiful nursery you've created.

I look forward to more updates on how Montessori is going, especially the floor bed.

Best Regards.

10/09/2006 7:02 PM  

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