Thursday, December 14, 2006


We have been working on developing akellos hand/eye and feet/eye coordination.
Theresa got a pizza sheet and covered it with aluminum foil, and he kicks it. Thresa says we are supposed to use a pie foil, but that this will work for now. its supposed to teach him cause and effect. He has got quite a foot on him! once he almost kicked the thing out of my hand!

Theresa also rigged this thing from the cieling. a long red ribbon with a toy at the end. we place akello in front of it and have him kick it!

once i find out what makes akello laugh, i want to do it all the time.


we were in a fender bender (totally not our fault). everone is ok, but we are now driving a ford tauras until our CRV gets fixed. it sucks cuss we got to take out all the baby gear out of the car, including the baby seat, wich is a bitch!.

oh and get this...akello likes the tauras a whole lot more than the CRV. we think its because he can look out the window in the back instead of staring at the cieling. Dont think that the thought of trading in the CRV or my truck has not crossed my mind.

this past week akello had visits from Grandpa Ted, Grandpa Gilbert, TIa Gina, and MY aunt Mona.
Mona gave akello a gift card to Carters, (they have a store now in round rock). i went and used some of it for a couple of winter clothes. and now....its sunny.

those were the first clothes that we had bought for him. up until now, he has been wearing gifts, and all of Michelle's son's old clothes. I feel like we are signed up with some sort of service. because every month or so we get a box of clothes from Michelle that Eneas has outgrown.

Nothing beats this gift from the people at work,,,, the "hey how are you shirt"

Hi, how are you

i am also fond of the "party at my crib" pajama set that vero had to buy for him on her way into HEB to buy some chips. there.

yep, its very hard not to pull the trigger on cute clothes for baby...i find myself doing it all the time, a trip to target for xmas lights turns into 30 minutes in the baby section and at the end of it, i put all the clothes back up and walk out with some beer or something.


when ted came by , we all went to the park for a walk.

look at this. the first pic was taken seconds before the second. (thats obvious but funny)
cuzz its all sweet and cute and stuff , and then reality rears its ugly head!


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