Thursday, November 23, 2006

I don’t recommend seeing James Bond...

.....with akello at your side. Wha? Wha?

Well get this. Theresa comes home one day from one of her mommy groups to report that Tuesdays are “bring your baby to the movies” day at the Alamo Drafthouse village location on all movies that play before 2pm

This was thrilling news because I am off on Tuesdays and that location is showing the latest bond film, “Casino Royale”.

Well Tuesday comes around and off we go! Theresa had to meet us their because she was at work, oh yeah for those that don’t know, Theresa has found a small part time job working as a pre-school fitness coach for a company called stretch and grow. She only works on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the days that I am off, so it works out perfect! She also only works in the mornings, so I can get a break in the afternoons.

instead of waiting for Theresa at the ticket booth, I buy my ticket and head on in to the theater, armed with all the baby essentials. There was a guy in front of me with a smaller baby than akello. Her turns to me to ask what im going to see. “Bond, james bond!” I reply, to which he gives a nodding approval.
I head on in, and there are two dads with babys all set in the back row already with babies set up in their car seats facing the screen.

I was like, hmm, well I know akello does not like the car seat so I didn’t even bring that in, and I was thinking that akello should look at the screen too. Because he gets boared looking at my chest.

Well I tell you what, we take one step into that theater and akello takes one look at that screen and one listen to the loud music from those crazy Alamo style previews and he just bursts into tears. I barely had time to put my stuff down and start to soothe him when I had this lady in the row in front of me give me the “why the hell did you bring your baby to this movie” eye. To which I replied with the “its baby day lady” eye.
But even so, I felt so weird in there, so I walked out. That’s when I saw Theresa drive up.
I told her what happened, and she said, “well, its time for him to eat, I thought you were going to meet me out here so I could feed him in the car?” “did you keep him awake so that he sleeps during the movie? How many naps did he take?” “two” I sheepishly reply.

Well, I go back into the movie feeling like an idiot! I still had interest in the movie but I felt kinda bad that I pretty much fu**ed that whole thing up.

Well Theresa came into the theater about 10 minutes later to my surprise with akello wrapped in her sling. I was so happy and surprised to see them as she told me that they were going home.

Akello did great throughout the movie, but I was on edge the whole time and the slightest peep from akello pulled my attention from the movie. you have to pay attention in those movies to get the whole deep story arcs. So I don’t think movies and akello are a good mix for right now. Even if he was fine the entire movie and slept through it all, I wouldn’t do it again. It stresses me out way too much.

I was feeling really bumbed about the whole thing, about how I made so many mistakes along the way. Theresa tried to cheer me up, “don’t feel bad. I make mistakes like this all the time. Its just part of learning and growing. I used to feel bad about stuff, but the ladies in the mommy group helped me to realize that these things will happen. Forgive yourself, look, akello is all smiles now and has already forgotten the whole thing!”

That helped me out a lot. I guess things like this will happen.

I was so stressed that I left my debit card there, so after two hours at IKEA the next day, I had to tell the checkout lady, “wait a minute! Wheres my debit card!!!”

i took this pic in the theater. i was like, im at least taking a picture dammit!

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here are some pics of T playing with akello!

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