Sunday, December 03, 2006

new traditions

capitol at xmas

This past saturday we all went to the capitol for the annual sing-a-long and tree lighting hosted by john Ailee of KUT fame.

it was theresas idea and im glad she thought of it. she wanted to start some new holiday traditions and this was definitly on the list!

in front of the capitol
mama and lil' bundle

people hanging out and singing at the steps of the capitol.

This was the first time that we got to try out akellos new hat and mittens that i had bought him at babys'r'us a couple of days prior to brace for the impending weather.

hoth gear

He looked pretty adorable and i took way too many pictures. luckily a few turned out. He seemed very ho-hum throughout the event. kinda like, "what are we doing here? oh well, beats riding in the car!"

daddy and baby getting ready for the tree lighting

first tree lighting

capitol tree

he seemed to enjoy church a lot more this morning. He was talking through the whole thing!

preacher- "lord hear our prayer"
akello- "bzzzzzzz blah blah!"

when the choir kicked in, he was smiling as mama swayed him from side to side. the funny thing was that i was swaying and bouncing as if i was holding him! i caught myself actually going through the motions. i now have a subconcious instinct to bounce and move if there is music and baby in the same room, b/c im so used to it. it was hilarious. i couldnt even stop once i realized what i was doing. so there we were, all bouncing and swaying as a family.

(Oh and Marthachick!
theresa just told me that that was you sitting next to us!!! i wish i had known, i would have introduced myself. i had no idea! send us your email. theresa forgot it.)

This was the first time i was able to attend church with Akello and mama since switching to the 10:15 service. we used to go to 6:00 but that is now getting in the way of his sleep schedule. Theresa and I take seperate cars to church b/c i have to leave a bit early in order to make it to work on time.


Blogger marthachick said...

Yo! It was me making a cameo appearance at church. Vivian just couldn't hang. I was going to say hi, but since V has had a cough/cold I didn't want to get too close to Akello. (also why I couldn't take her to the nursery). Next time! ;-)

Email is chick@austindotrrdotcom (replace "dot" with "." Trying to avoid the spam monsters...)

12/04/2006 12:39 PM  

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