Wednesday, November 29, 2006

part two

we added the option toy bar on akellos baby bjorn bouncer. he loves those little bears and immediatly took to it. you cant get his attention once he gets going spinning them bears around. if T and i have to concentrate on something, then we put the bears on the seat and that will give us at least 5 minutes to have an important conversation or unload groceries.

oh goodness. long time no talk too. things are getting busier as akello is getting older. gone are the days of him just eating or sleeping. now he demands a lot more attention. so it is much harder to blog these days. its funny too, because i will come up with sooo much to say during the day, but by night time those juicy tidbits are long forgotten and im pretty much beat.

tummytime together
look at daddys watch!

akellos sleeping has been of our utmost concern these days. we are really trying to get him on a sleep schedule for naps as well as night time. T and I are busy reading the same book. "the no cry sleep solution". we both have a copy and try to read on it whenever we can. we are trying for a 9:30-10:30 nap, a 12:45-1:45 nap and a late afternoon nap, like around 4 or so. we used to start winding him down about an hour before his bedtime at 6 with him in bed at 7 but now we are going to start to push that back an hour.

lately he's been waking up in the middle of the night, like at 3 or 4 and its been tough on us. he used to just wake, nurse, and it was back to bed. now his sleeping is just all over, so were really trying to re-establish routines that got busted up by the holidya. this means that T is not going to any of her groups that meet at 10. she tells me that it seams as though every body meets at 10, for whatever group. this is just until akello can re-establish his naps again.

well getting back to thanks giving. ive never heard so much advice. much of it wivestales. wives tales, thats a funny word. its good to be well read on facts and science, otherwise theresa and i would be second guessing ourselves at every turn.

people only mean well though, and its nice that akello has so many people that love him and wish him the best.

heres are some pics from that week.
grandpa reading a story

grandpa giving him some superman time

akello and Vincent showing off their soccer outfits

akello laughing at sams latest idea.

lil jazzy after giving up on getting akello to play nintendo with her.

with Great Grandpa Santiago

at vals house for thanksgiving part deux!

Lately i have been loving on texting via cell phone. its a great way for me to communicate with everyone when my hands are tied up with AK. id email but AK HATES the office. you cant do anything in there with him. He knows that attention wont be on hime once we step into that room. He has to be nursing, thats the only way. and a lot of times he asleep in my sling. so when i get a moment to talk, i cant or ill wake him up. and i have to communicate as soon as i have the idea that i got to talk to somebody, becasue if i wait till theresa takes over, i forget . in fact i have to email or text theresa all the time. because if i wait to tell her some news at dinner i just forget and we just talk about akello.

so i text. i wish everyone texted. the majority of people dont do it. because there old. they have no use for texting. i can hear my dad at the store right now....

salesman- "this phone comes with a cool text feature as well, its called smart type. it finishes the words for you so that."

the salesman is interrupted by gils dad

gils dad "but i cant.... i cant even...wait a second!"

at this point gils dad puts on his glasses and begins to make awkward faces at the diminutive phone. he turns it upside down and begins to hold it up to the light to try and get a better view of its screen. he brings the phone close, and then pushes it back again, trying to find the right focal length to see this "text" thinga ma jig.

gils dad - "i cant even see the damn thing. "does it come with a case? i need to have a case. oh! and does it have cilantro in it? because im allergic to cilantro.
not really allergic, but i dont like it."

the salesman takes a few steps back.

salesman- "well there are tons of case options....none of which have any cilantro in them."

i have so much to talk about that i cant even start. so im just going to post pics. thats all you want anyway, (if your my sister)

oh yeah, soon i will have more design stuff to talk about as the IKEA is minutes away from my home. i have been once a week since it opened im sad to say. but i got some ideas! i highly recommend going in through the exit, all HEB style, and starting with a cinnamon bun and a coffee. THEN shopping. and FYI, all the real shopping carts are kept in the middle of the store next to the resturant. so grab a cart on your way in from the parking lot. dont be surprised at the coffee. its not the greatest.,i think because it has lingonberrys in it or something. but anyway i could go on and on and on.

oh, so i now use flickr. i used to use photobucket. but it seemed that all the cool kids used flickr. now i see why. so , you can go there if you like just to see all the photos of akello since birth. do it!! do it now !! well , not all. but anyway, flickr is an image hosting sight that allows me to post pics on this here blog. but whats neat is that i can export the pics directly to flickr via a third pary plugin versus exporting to the desktop and then uploading to photobucket. okay, now that i have lost half of you, lets go on to talk about my latest love,,,,,,LISTPIC!

listpic is awesome. if you are a craigslist hunter such as myself, dont waste time combing through all posts looking for that fave piece of furniture, because most people dont know what the hell they have anyway. dont get me started on people that post "modern" sofas, that are from Rooms to go! i said dont get me started!!!

anyway. just go to the website. click on your city and then click on whatever link you like, and then just peruse the pictures. the biggest time saver ever!.

nobody puts baby in a corner

oh, one last thing. i gotta give theresa props. she came up with this cool way to re-arrange a gym matt that Michelle had given us. it used to be a dome where the bars were bent into a half circles and attached at a diagnol to the matt forming a criss cross pattern. well theresa rigged this up. now, i can sit on the chair, and secure the bars with my hands and move the bars and play with him. theresa turned the matt over so that it has the simple white surface so when he does tummy time, we can put a ball or toy in front of him, and it doesnt get lost in the craziness of the design on the matt. he didnt really care for the soft gym before, but now he loves it.

black and white and fun
gym rig

thank you and good night!

slobber smile


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the picture on the bottom is precious! what a beautiful child!


12/06/2006 1:36 PM  

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