Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

i am working on the monster of all updates but wanted to post some pics from today!

fireplace lights
christmas eve. i had to run out and get akello a stocking to add to the chimney!
i put twinkling lights in the fireplace around the stereo, so it seems like theres a fire flickering in there when you dont have a full view of the fireplace

festive and cozy!

christmas eve

Rosemary tree
We always use a small rosemary bush for a tree. maybe next year we will get a big one!

lets see akello!
akello wakes from hibernation to greet the guests.

Grandma and Akello
grandma pearl and akello!

great grandparents and akello on christmas
the great grandparents!


akello in the Bumbo
akello in the bumbo


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