Sunday, January 28, 2007

Holy Craigslist Batman!



i dont know where to start. first a pic of akello


I love it when he plays with his feet! he's like a little rolly polly!

Saturday was a COLD one! after Theresa met with her "my husband works on saturday" mommy group she brought akello to visit me at work on saturday! what a treat.


Here he is testing out the freja sofa, (which is on sale by the way till the 31st)
Akello highly recommends it.

The past 24 hours has been a frenzy of Craigslist Hookups so unreal, I can hardly take it.

Sometimes The craigslist gods are with you and sometimes they are against you. In our case, the craigslist gods were not only with us, its like they were emailing us to say, "i found this table that you have always wanted for free, go pick it up at 11:00am tomorrow.

I am usually not on Craigs that much but lately theresa and I have been looking for some key items to fill the school. Well, in the hunt for a little tikes table and bench I happened across this FREE dorm fridge that didn’t work out for the owner. “this fridge is just too cold, its only good for beer or liquor as it keeps it at the brink of freezing.” Hello!!! Yes I can pick it up today!

The funny thing that I noticed about people on craigslist is that older people (40-up) will give you directions on how to get to their home. But younger people don’t, because we all assume that you have heard of Mapquest or Google maps by now.

Old people will start giving me directions, and im like,"I already have directions, see you at 8! this only confuses them and so i just twiddle my thumbs and let them give the direcs to me.

So anyway!

Later that day, Theresa hit the gold mine on craigslist. Long story short....
She hooked up a bunch of stuff from a school that was going out of business and had to be out of the space by this week. So she ventured with akello to go seal the deal.



We were the proud owners of "whatever we wanted" including a bunch of "softplay", (expensive vynl covered foam). and a bunch of other stuff, including a phillipe stark designed childs Teepee. I saw the logo on the teepee and was like...."wait a minute!" this thing is worth hundreds!"

Picture 2

We left a lot of it, we simply didnt need it or have room for it, or it was too damaged.


NOT only that., but the lady said that we could have alllllll the gravel in her backyard. and there is enough gravel for me to not only build a gravel pit for the school at our house, thereby saving me the 50 bucks that i was about to drop at the Depot but enough to landscape our entire property.!

this is a foot deep folks. this gravel is prolly worth 1 to 2 grand!

Oh, did i mention friday that i hooked up a fridge? oh i did, ok,

now what im about to tell you is so awesome i cant beleive it.

remember a few posts back when i was talking about how i put in the new ikea light in the dining area, and how i closed the post with "but what we really need is a 42 inch circular dining table, more on that later"? do you remember that!!

well. there i was...on listpic....(wich is a craigslist picture viewer)....

looking at free stuff......and what do my eyes see but a horribly taken picture of a table. the caption reads..."free table, good condition, 28 inches high by 42 inches round off white."

well i was pretty sure that this guy was GIVING away an eames table by herman miller.
thats right a table that would go perfect in our dining area. i emailed him literally 6 minutes after it was posted. He emailed me back saying, "its yours, pick it up sunday."

HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY HAPPY HAPPY JOY! (ren and stimpy voice)

you gotta be quick! im surprised i got it actually!

well i show the pic to my co-workers and they all confirmed that i was right. Designed in 1950 the eames table was part of the Aluminum group series.
and while the pic was dark,. we could all see what appeared to be the indicitive "contract" base denoting what it really was.

Well i picked it up this morning, and let me tell you that yes. its the real deal and yes, it looks amazing in the space.

new dining table

nO! the pictures do not do it justice! the great thing is that theresa wanted a round table too and just hadnt had a chance to discuss it with me. we need more space in the kitchen for the little kids table thats going to go in there for the school as well as a bookshelf. i have been wanting a saarinen Tulip dining table by Knoll but its not even in my price range right now.

Picture 3

(perhaps its in yours? Knoll prices go up 11% on feb 11! call me!!) so i was going to go with an Ikea KNOCK OFF! the Docksta!

Picture 2

but now, im out no money, i can make some money selling our old one. and i have a vintage eames piece for my dining area. This will hold me for a long time! until i can afford the MARBLE sarrinen table. that will be when akello graduates collegs.

the picture you see is in dining view mode. i will put it in the corner and re-position a hook in the cieling to center the light over it. that rectangle table was just too big and sure we can only seat 4 now, but let me tell you, it feels so much better in the kitchen. the table is the perfect size. did i mention it was free? its also going to be better for playing poker! oh, and another thing....

if anyone needs a glass topped aluminum based table in good condition i got one for sale for 100 bucks! delivered!!!

that is all.

im beaming with joy over here. beaming.


stay time i will talk about replacing this lamp


and this lamp




Anonymous michelle said...

Wow, you guys are have been very lucky! I am guessing those cool mats he is laying on are one of the many things you guys got. Those are nice and would be super expensive if you bought them retail price. What a great school you guys are building. Kisses for Akello. -m

1/29/2007 11:25 AM  

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