Wednesday, January 31, 2007



weekends over and its time to go back on break! the last two days have been some fun filled hard working days!

we got a lot done, but still have a lot to do.

the picture above is of today when we went to go get pictures of akello in his baptism outfit at Sears portrait studio. He had a good session but was wearing thin towards the end. We managed to get out of there for only 60 bucks and got some great pics! i cant wait to share them. We have been waiting for a few bad scratches to clear up b/f we took him in.
BUT, soon he will be too big for his outfit so we decided to take him in today with scratches and all, and during the photo-shoot he even scratched himself on the nose!

i swear, you just cant keep those nails short enough. and when your playing with him, he will grab at your cheek and squeeze! it feels like hes going to rip your cheek off!

while we were at sears i spotted these cute little adirondack chairs. if they had one in green i would have bought one. speaking of adirondack chais, the wait for the green ones to go back into production is over. I spotted a huge stack outside the HD and had to stop and pick some up. i bought 2, b/c now i dont need so many with the school going in the backyard now and all.


speaking of the backyard, its starting to look, well, like a school!


i have begun to clear out the flower bed of old landscaping rock and will soon be teansplanting the plants to the front (wich are still alive, they just look dead)


then i can lay the weed carpet and dump all that pea gravel thats sitting on the concrete into the hole!

We took a family trip to ikea too!
(akello was mad cuzz we were leaving when i took this pic)

this was akellos and theresas first time. I (the seasoned vetran) was able to guide us through in minimal time.


Akello loved ikea! he was smiles throgh the whole thing. we picked up the expedit bookcase and some other items that theresa needed for the school. I also took back some pendant lamps that didnt work out for the living area.


We bought some little bitty table and chair sets for the school as well, but we are going to have to cutt off the legs, b/c the dimensions are a bit too high.

i also looked around for a floor lamp that could best compliment my new reading chair. thats right! look what arrived!!!!


Its simply gorge! and im so glad i sprung extra for the Edelman leather upgrade. its quite noticible an worth every penny. I mean how could you say no to the "dream cow" leather option if this is your dream chair?

i have been expiramenting with placing it in the house and for now have repositinoned it in front of the Tv for the superbowl, but i think i will put it in the guest bedroom. but well see.

i cant show you a picture of the rosewood finish on it because no picture can do it justice, so youll just have to come over. im still planning a reception and viewing.

Since this is the 50h anniversary of the chair i got this free book that came with the chair! i have already read it, since we have one at work, and i might just leave this one in the cellophane. im that crazy.


we re-arrranged the bedroom too. that window is so cold, so now i sleep next to it and the air ionizer, (wich puts off a draft) is on my side too instead of next to akellos floor bed. so now im cold enough to sleep under the cover with theresa instead of on top of the bed.

heres what the room used to look like.

and now

this is walking in and looking to the left

this is as seen from the hall

theresa and AK take a break after a long day out.


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