Saturday, June 23, 2007

week 2


I write to you today from the parking lot of La Calle Doce where im to meet a friend for lunch. I have figured out something while taking care of akello. There are a lot of “we’ll sees” and instead of saying, “lunch tomorrow at 12” its more like, “ill call you in the morning and tell you when when akello will be able to see you. He is not on a perfect sleep schedule for naps and that’s basically how his day is scheduled. Around his naps.

Tuesday was great. We went to the little gym.


These pics were from last weeks session where he really just stayed close to daddy and sat back and watched everything. That day at little gym the instructor asked us all how our child learns. Is he a watcher, a feeler outer, or a doer? Akello is a watcher/feeler outer. Knowing this helped on his first day of swim class last Friday. More on that later.

There are about 10 to 20 kids at little gym and it’s a good time. This time he was much more active and comforatable in the environment. Im guessing the same will go for swim on Friday. Tuesday was also THeresas first day at her telecommuting gig working for PRAXIS. She scores essays from school tests online, or something like that. She works from 6 to 10 for about a two week stretch. This works out good as we can have dinner at 5 and then I can give him a bath and read him a story at 6 while Theresa gets started and then i bring him back to T at 7 for him to go to sleep while Theresa works on the laptop. (thank you amy).

lets talk about our place! as we like to refer to as our summer home.

this is the view from the the front.


ok on to the interior. we basically live in the living room. here it is.

the living room





My computer has been freezing a lot and giving me problems so im not able to blog as much as I liked to. It seems to freeze everytime I use the keyboard. Its done this off and on for years but recently its gotten a lot worse. I have now begun to start writing the blog in a word document so that I can save as I go. so far it…well I wont say it.

akello at J. gilligans

Wednesday was a fun time at J gilligans in Arlington for lunch with tia Anita and tia Mona. Oh, hes waking up. Got to go.

Ok im back and it's Saturday now. This is the first chance I have had to write since then. Its been a very tiring week and I have been passing out at 8 or 9 in the past few days.

So getting back to this past week. Wednesday was lunch at Jgilligans in Arlington and the burger was very good. Recommended.

After that we went to the Tramel Crow collection of asian American art to view the U-RAM CHOE exhibition. We parked in the dallas musueam of arts parking garage wich is underneath the DMA. I should have parked in a topside parking lot, cuss it kinda freaked akello out a little bit when he woke up from the drive. Anyway, the exhibition was great and i had been looking forward to it.. And what else was great was that it was free, and what else is great is that nobody was there. A big plus for me when im viewing art. Akello was getting fussy though towards the end and wanted out of the sling.


i thik the art piece entitled "Echo Navigo (Adult) Anmorome Istiophorus Platypterus" kinda freaked him out as evidenced in this video. if youare into this sort of art and are a fan of alan rath by chance, you will love this exhibit. Highly recommended.

I realized that I shouldn’t take akello on two outings if they are both sling based. Like, he was awake for the 30 min trip in the car to the resturant in Arlington then he was in the sling for lunch, only to get put in the car seat and napped back to dallas, only to get put back in the sling for the museam. Realizing this and his need for movement I found a patch of grass in front of the DMA for him to play around in for a little bit before we headed home. I knew it was going to be a tough ride home. Luckily we are but 10 minutes from downtown.

akello on the attack



So Thursday was lunch with a friend at Calle Doce. It was very good. There is a sign on the door that reads “now entering a transfat free zone” . I just found out that Michael Bloomberg banned transfats in NYC. Crazy. Theresa makes sure all of our groceries and stuff we eat is TF free but I don’t know much about em, xept that there bad for you.

akellos first day of swim

Friday was swim at Elmers School of Swim. Akello is enrolled in the water babies class and did great this week as opposed to last week, like I figured hed be. It’s a small class of 4 people (once again, im the only dad) the parents are in the water with the babies and so I get to get wet too. Akello is the cutest before he does a jump. His hair is all wet and long and he wimpers a little when the instructor seats him on the side of the pool. Then the instructor pulls him into the pool and akello knows its coming. He closes his eyes really tight and puckers up his lips, the instructor pulls him off the ledge and into the pool! He can stay under for one second. I wish I could take a picture. Maybe one of these days Theresa will come and watch and she can take some pics. This pic is of his second week


hes trhowing up his baby gang signs. it reads "e for elmers, reprezent!

Friday night, I went over to the neighbors house for a beer or two. It was so relaxing that I lost track of the time. Luckily Theresa texted me at 1:30 to make sure I knew what time it was. I was there for 4 hours! Good times meeting the new neighbors. Too bad were only here for the summer. sat and sun were a blst too! talk about that later!


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