Monday, August 06, 2007

last week


This is the last week! we go home on saturday and are excited to get back home.
After i recovered from pink eye we went to celebrate Uncle Larry's coming home from being in Turkey for the past year. His Friends Dale and Sue threw a BBQ is his honor at their house. it was a fun time while it lasted. we had to go home early because theresa had a ton of work to do. you should see the amount of work. i will post pictures soon.

uncle paul and akello share a giggle as one of the stolen street banners from turkey sails in the background

Joe explains the difference between prime and sub-prime mortgages to Theresa as akello tunes him out.

heres me with akello and his Krusty the clown hair-do

anita is quite happy that her husband larry is home, and orchestrated a tequila taste test. Larry quickly followed with a turkish vs. American cigarrette test.

last week i had to go back to austin to attend some teacher training days. i was there for wed, thur, and friday. theresas mom, Pearl, came up to take over for those days. Peal and akello had a great time together. she got to take him to little gym and swim!


I am knee deep in getting ready for the school year as well as helping theresa to finish all her assignments so there wont be much blogging if any as you can probably tell by now

talk eventually!


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