Saturday, July 07, 2007

happy america day

since theresa was off from school on the 4th of july,she gave me a free pass on tuesday night to go out and do whatever since i could sleep in late on wednesday, since shed be home. we wanted to do some firwork thingy but akello goes to sleep at 7. so i called the tias to see what was going on, they are always taking advantage of the holidays. sure enough, they were planning on going somewhere so i drove to ft worth to join.

wish that car wassnt there
took this pic on the drive over. I was able to listen to fresh air with terri gross all the way over. the NPR affilliate over here plays it at 7 instead of at 3 in austin. who can listen in at 3? retired folk?

anyway.that night was great. i took full advantage of my one day pass, i felt like i was on shore leave or something. paul and mona bought us drinks at some pub. i think it was called baker street pub? i dont remember, i was too busy relaxing. i didnt even bother to look up for this picture!


sorry folks, theres drinks on the table, plenty of time for pictures afterwards at taco cabana.

i say this, because afterward we went to the tc for some late night grub courtesy of tia anita. now the TC is notorious for its ridiculous wait times at night, and i was pretty much used to it, but paul mona and anita were outraged and kept on hanging out by the service window giving the "wtf" look to the 2 workers behind the griill.

wake me when its ready
this guy passed out waiting for his food. his girlfriend finally brought it to him.

We all stayed at anitas house that night and the next morning i was going to sleep in late. FORGET IT. my body is too used to waking up and the butt crack. (of dawn) i have learned that if you want to sleep in, just go to bed early so you can wake up at 5 and then yawn and stretch for an hour till he wakes.

Theresa told me to stop by babysurus and check to see if they had any of the elusive training pants for 18 month olds. well i stopped. and they had them. and i bought them all!!!! now we have enough to last 3 days.!! more on training pants in the next post.


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