Friday, July 13, 2007

cant sleep

today i passed out at 7:30 after giving akello his bath. i really dont know why i even pretend that "im going to go lay down for a minute" so i woke up at 12 to shower and get into bed and alas. its 3. i have not been able to go back to bed since. what a perfect to time to talk to you about my push toy of pain spoof.


so akello has that push toy right, that one from ikea. he looooves to work with it and its helping him to learn to walk. well every time i would see him work with it it would remind me of "Conan the Barbarian" where little conan is captured as a slave and forced to push this gigantic grain mill called the "wheel of pain". well i gots to thinking that this is a ripe opportunity for a conan spoof so i have been calculating and getting a lot of footage of akello pushing the toy. i threw together this little tid bit to give you an idea of what im going for. but first, if you are not familiar with the movie watch that clip first. if you can recite every line of the movie like my family can, then just move on to akello!


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