Friday, August 10, 2007

thats all folks

Well here we are. the eve of our last day in dallas. it has been a great time but we are ready to go home. this last week has had us cramming it in. seeing things we wanted to see, seeing people that we wanted to see and theresa cramming for her tests and staying up late working on projects. We are going to be quite busy as soon as we get back with my impending school year starting in two weeks as well as theresa's school gettin going. probably wont be blogging for a while.

i give you the week in pictures.

look at me
Kellos last day at little gym.

look ma , no hands!
akellos first blue tooth.
akello loves this thing and is always trying to put it on his ear. in dallas, everyone has one of these things, not so in austin. we are too cool. i hate them, but use one in the car. the car only! and if i do happen to have it with me when i stop at the gas station, i clip it to my shirt when not in use. tODAY there was an incident at swim class.

this lady was talking on the phone in the waiting area of the swim building where all the parents watch their kids thru the glass. she was on one of those bluetooth things. she was being all loud while everyone else was just staring at her. i couldnt help it and as soon as she quit her yappin, I (in a loud voice) said, "did you hear that akello? sally isnt going to be able to lunch on wednesday! well boohoo!" i got a lot of grins from the other parents but the lady just kept on and pretended like nothing happened. I do not let people invade my aural space. if your going to make me part of the conversation than im going to be an active participant. im kinda known for this among my freinds. same thing goes for retail sales clerks. i was at target just the other day and the checkout lady is talking to THE MANAGER about how her kid acted up in school and blah blah blah. neve said hi to me or nothing. i cants stand that level of rudeness. after we checked out i told her, "all behavior is learned". "good look with your kid." and i walked away. the lady was stunned that i would say such a thing, and the manager couldnt stop laughing!!!.

another time i told some lady in the checkout line who was yapping away "maybe jacob really doesnt want to date her and hes just using her to get to crystal, thats why they are always doing the group thing" talk about someone being stunned. she actually got off the phone. i could go on. I ALMOST bought these awesome cards at the nasher gift shop. there were th business cards that said, in a nice and pretty font, "STOP TALKING" hilarious! how many times could i have used this in movie theaters?
i found them online here for 8 dollars

I know a certain person who is going to buy these as soon as he clicks on the link (jerry franks)

i am going to make my own.

another thing i noticed about dallas. peoples fences are tall. i would say 8ft at least, usually 10. and another thing, people will have a garage sale on any day of the week, and there are always people shopping at them.

only u.s. date
we couldnt miss this show at the kimball. the mirror and the mask. this was the only US date on the exhibition tour. it was great lots of great stuff that i had never seen before.

a break in the garden
a break in the garden

mueck signage
and since the modern WAS right across the street and it was FREE WEDNESDAY and they were having a Ron Mueck exhibition, and akello was still enjoying himself, we went there too!

Mueck's work is amazingly real. and yet so surreal. this piece was my favorite. you think the guy is going to get up and start attacking everybody at any given moment.

akello, meet robert
my favorite Motherwell painting and to have it right here in ft. worth.

me and kello at the modern

pistol 1982
this warhol work was new. love it.

Next was the Nasher Sculpture Garden in dallas. This is my favorite piece there. Barofskys "walking to the sky" (this is the same guy that does the hammering man
walking to the sky


i love this thing. i found out that it was a typewriter eraser. it is so detailed. Clas Oldenburg is kinda known for this. i think thats how you spell his name.

lunch with longtime friend Evan Bruno.
you ate all the chips!

he tried to give akello a lime, and of course akello grabbed it out of his hand likity split and tasted it before i could stop him. evans single.
i hate limes


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