Monday, January 14, 2008

did somebody say muffins?

did somebody say muffins?, originally uploaded by Gilkata.

Michelle was in town so we went out to the Domain to show her how the ATX has changed since shes been living in the ABQ. We hit up Oak ridge grocery for breakfast. I think its the only place you can eat breakfast at the domain too...but anyway. Oak ridge is one of these trendy little grocery stores for foodies with every flavor of vitamin water neatly fronted in the cooler. They sell 54 cent coffee which is nuts! the food is really good here. i had a waffle and theresa had a chorizo breakfast burrito, but not as if we were at curras ordering one. these tasted different. but really good. the muffins were really good too. we will be back. akello had a taste of everything and looooved the muffins


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