Monday, January 07, 2008


xmas eve pics


"where are we going to put all theses ornaments!"

christmas early morning....

Here we the end of the winter break. While the 2 weeks off was nice, it was jam packed with productivity around the house and holiday cheer. I had been working on a blog that highlighted everything from xmas to new years, but im not done yet.

christmas morning

we lost our camera that had a lot of pictures on it, and I kept hoping that i would find it, but its still missing. We have called off the search and rescue and are now treating it as officially "lost" rather than misplaced.

christmas mid-morning

" done with this christmas business"

i have to go back to work tommorrow. bummer. but i resolve to write more on the blog.

a quick story....i was warming up some food in the oven and akello comes over to check it out. he gets close to the oven and starts to put his hand on the oven. I stop him and say, "Not for akello!" he looks at me with those cute little cheeks with a look of wonder as if to say, "why not for akello?" so i told him that it was hot.

So he started to blow on the oven.

so BIG news............

Mornings in the Nest is back baby!!!! Thats right, Theresa quit her job at Childrens Community of Austin and starts tommorrow with a new class for the spring. We have benn really busy with getting the school up and going again and are both super excited. I redid the website too. take a look

Happy New Year!

christmas night...dinner with the Doyles.



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