Wednesday, June 18, 2008

akello the explorer


Kello is beginning to want to walk wherever he feels like as illustrated in this pic taken at the pappadeux parking lot last saturday. Tia Anita took us out for fathers day and on top of that made me a cake. I ate the last peice today. It was amazing. Anita said she added two tablespoons of coffee to the icing mix and walaa, dunkin hines coffee cake. But you cant add just any coffee no! It must be Folgers Crystals, something about the baking process unleashes the crystals! Anyway...

so yeah, akello didnt want to leave the parking lot. He does this alot. We follow him to an extent and try to redirect to the car. "rice cake akello?" "those are in the car!"

look at this little gremlin! akello reminds me of those bad apple gremlins from that movie, gremlins.

See those teeth? those teeth are causing us stress lately. Akello has been biting recently. "teeth are for eating" theresa says in her gracious mother hen tone. I agree. Akello can and will break the skin with those snappers. There are a lot of reason toddlers at his age bite. I believe that akello bites out of frustration and play. We tell him what teeth are for, that it hurts us when he bites us.

One day while putting him to sleep he bit me and I went thru all that that i just told you, and then i put on a show of pain like a soccer player, or a los angeles laker, pretending that i was hurt real bad. He kinda looked at me, and then gently stroked my cheek and said, "i sorry dadyy, i sorry." I was pretty spellbound and didnt react for a bit as hard as it was. I was just overwhelmed by his language development.

AKELLO loves to eat at the dinner table and let mommy and daddy talk and talk and talk, and then he'll pick the worst word that we said and repeat it. so you wont ever hear him say, Amazing!, no, he says, "DANG!" giggles and then spoons more food into his mouth.



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