Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a free moment

This is the first free moment that i have had since. since. I dont know. but here i am to bring us up to date, very quickly.

graduation night! my beautiful theresa!

Theresa Graduated from the AMI Program. oh thank heaven. I am so glad thats over. I framed theresas degree and put it on the wall at the door. That degree means more to me than mine which is collecting dust somewhere, no not really but i feel like i graduated too. This program was tough on us. We didnt do anything last year but work on this. we are pumped to start living a normal life again, to make trips, to visit family, to go on a date. NO MORE SUMMERS IN DALLAS! SOMEONE HAND ME A DRINK! The only plus was being able to hang out with my extended family and for them to get some face time with AK

I wanted to say that while there, akello was totally into the air conditioners around the complex. We spent hours looking at them. We would count them over and over again.


While in dallas we found some awesome tortillas at whole foods. they look like this. the best store bought tortilla that i have ever had.


Back in austin we had some stress as our floor was not ready as planned upon our arrival. But its in now and we love it. It came just in time for theresas school to begin (why we got it in the first place) and for akello's second birthday. Yay!
akello is two! here are some pics from his party, or playdate as theresa wanted it more to be, which makes sense being as akello is only two years old. We had a great time and invited all of akello's freinds. Their parents had to drive them though so we let them hang out too. We had pizza and pie. Akello's favorites.










So theresas school is underway and going good. She has 5 students and will add a sixth soon. She has hired a spanish speaking assistant and is able to deliver her goal of spanish immersion. The assistant only speaks spanish. I have also begun teaching at Austin High School and have seen the promised land. Teaching at this school is soooooo much better than teaching at Crockett. I could go on and on and on and on about how much greener the grass is here. but i have a lesson plan to do.

oh and at akellos party a lot of people loved the blueberry pie, and Laura even asked for the recipe. So Here it is.


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