Sunday, January 04, 2009

Day One of the IRON GYM


TODAY was day one of the irongym workout.

dont worry, ill spare you the black and white before pic of me holding a newspaper with my gut sticking out after i just woke up. instead ill post my pre-test results:

there are 4 excersises with this thing. Pullups, pushups, dips, and situps.

i tried to do it with akhanging around, but he makes me crack up too much and i cant concentrate. He wants to do the excersises too. its too cute to watch him do pushups. and when i do pull ups he wants to help and will get under me and push me up.

he's quite the trainer, "up! down! up down!" he yells.

so i can do 8 situps, 8 pullups, 25 dips, and 20 pushups. This is to exhaustion, so as to track my progress a year from now. I weigh 177lbs today.


yesterday was a beautiful day. We packed it up and went to the park for a picknic. there was a bagpipe player there practicing. sounded neat.


"whats that sound coming from!"

Ak was covering his ears but still clapped and said yay after he finished, dont know if thats just cuss he stopped playing in this instance.

no bagpipes!



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