Saturday, January 03, 2009

Green Room for AK

Picture 10

T and I painted AK's room using Freshaire paint from home depot.

finally, an affordable paint with no VOC's thats down the road at home depot. Last time we painted the nursery i had to drive to ecowise which was way down south for every painting trip and wait for the hippies to quit bitching about the environment and mix my paint.


AK's room used to be the office and so he inherited a sophisticated gray when we decided to move him in and designate his nursery as a play room. It didn't look like the usual toddlers room and his friend's were starting to talk around the water cooler at school.


T had a vision and knew that she wanted to paint it green. I was ambivalent on this one and went ahead, as long as i could change out those miniblinds for some 2 inch faux wood blinds. with this new paint color, I really wanted to get new birch doors and get rid of the dark wood doors, but that's going to have to wait.


His room is so much better. Much more toddler-esque. This redo was long over due! I also gave him a chance to re-decorate his room, asking some leading questions i must admit.

"we just repainted the room ak! lets redecorate, how bout putting the clock here? how does that look? you like that?" "yeah!" he would reply.

i didnt win every point though, he did insist that his "animals of africa" collage go above the closet doors.


when we first deco'd the room he wanted everything up high, unusually high, but, that was his choice as weird as it looked.

Good choice on the green T! You will notice that like all good before and after pics, i trashed his room for the before pic and took a crappy photo, just like they do in those weight loss pics. Not only do they loose weight, but they get a tan too!

anyway, i also added a new nightlight from ikea as well as some lucky bamboo in an ikea vase for the windowsill

on top of upgrading the blinds i also upgraded the light switch to one that he could control.

Now they make these kind of switches but they don't sell them at Home depot or lowes which i was surprised to find out, so i made one using a key ring and a replacement wand for some blinds.

I drilled a hole through the light switch, put the keyring through the hole and then attached the blind wand. wallah!


this is a big montessori thing, having the child being able to control as much as possible in their environment. T drew the line at the Beyonce poster though. She says that i told him to say that. Sooo not true.


heres ak figurin out how the doorknobs work....back to babysr'us.


Blogger malita said...

i've noticed all infomercials are like that - even that stupid blanket that you wear like a backwards jacket - the people are disheveled, they are having the struggle of their life, no makeup - and it's in black and white - now if you buy this product your entire life turns to color, you have makeup, a tan and your hair is done! Voila...

Ok quote of the day "...and wait for the hippies to quit bitching about the environment and mix my paint."

1/04/2009 3:18 PM  
Blogger THE MODERN DAD said...

THATS how you spell voila!

1/04/2009 10:57 PM  

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