Thursday, March 26, 2009

south by southwest



I went out of town for spring break to the Student Television Network Convention in Orlando Florida. It was fun, but i think T and AK had more fun rocking out at during south by. AK is really into the geetar these days. eat, sleep, guitar and repeat.

im really busy. prolly wont see any posts for a while. check out the flickr for updates.

when i came back to town we went to trudys for some dinner and then it was stright home for another akello concert!

chips and salsa
at trudys

at home

i got the fever


akello playing along with sade.

we got a fan for ak'S room and it was fun to put together with him. took two hours though. its amazing how small a fan is when you buy it. i kept looking around for a seperate box with the fan blades, but no, there in there!


ak liked climbing the ladder with his screwdriver.

ak likes to serenade us as we eat our dinner. he eats first real quickly and then its on to the guitar. We asked him to write a song today for us and he made up one about yogurt. it was pretty funny.


we keep talking about babies, especially the one in mamas tummy!


Blogger Michelle & Eneas said...

Ok he is too cute!! I love his playing and singing. I can't wait to show Eneas his video! Best version of old mcdonald I have ever heard.

3/27/2009 1:28 PM  

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