Saturday, May 30, 2009

i have one hour


things are busier than ever at the g household.


umm, really wished i could give a daily update like i did with ak, but i know better this time to sleep when i can, and on top of that i dont have time as its. my goal is to do everything i can to allow mother and baby the time to recover and bond. T is doing good and recovering but is taking things really slow. lots of rest.


that means getting ak out of the house from dusk till dawn

when the fam is together for meals and what not, IT IS CRAZY! trying to stay attentive to both their needs while remembering the right things to say to keep sibling resentment and jealousy to a minimum is mentally tiring (for me anyway).

ak has been super funny whether he knows it or not lateley. here are some quotes, excuse me if some are repeats...

ak - "i want to go to einsteins (bagels)"
me - "its tuesday, we only go to einsteins on saturdays"

ak looks around and processes the thought....

ak - "well i want to go to chick-fil-a, or something)

another time when we were en route to chickfila and ak knew that we were going there. we came to a red light.

ak- "hey! your not driving!" whats wrong!

ak was sitting on the potty and i was waiting him to finish his BM.

AK- " I dont have any more poopoo dad.

me - "no? finished?"

ak- "yeah finished, my butt is closed"

brushing teeth this evening in fact:

ak picks up the toothpaste and hides it in his towel and then yells, "wheres the toothpaste?"

i see his smooth move and after he asks i grab for it. he giggles and i say, "here it is!"

he chuckles and says, "im a silly goose!"

so ak loves his sister.

when he went to the hospital to meet her for the first time i didnt know what to think. he came in with the grandparents, i setup my camcorder in the corner on a tripod.




he wanted to see her, touch her, sing for her, hold her. it was great.

ak also has been figuring himself out. finding his place. he wants to be held like a baby alot now, . "wrap me up like a baby grandma"


he wants to get in M's carseat, sleep in M's tiny cestina, basically wants to be a baby again. T explained this to me in a very academic way. basically saying this was normal.

when i picked up ak from school and brought him home to see them he was pretty excited, he grabbed a drum and ran into the bedroom where they were and started banging it and singing a song for her. sweet, but what a crazy scene!

baby m was not too crazy about this either


ak tells everyone, "i have a baby sister!"

thats prolly one of the sweetest things. and when he says her name, it even sweeter.


Blogger JaLisa said...

AWESOME and CONGRATS. Looks like we are both in the same parent boat but it looks like your son is nicer to his sibling than Trinity is to hers.

CONRATS again Gil!

6/13/2009 10:36 PM  

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