Friday, May 22, 2009


ak and i went to the bicycle sport shop to geet a flat fixed on the jogging stroller. Needles to say he went nuts in there, wanting to sit on EVERY bike they had.

i had never seen a "hip" mannequin before. i was surprised there werent any black mannequins in the store. i mean, if they have "sasha" you figure they would have "jarome"


Ak is so funny these days, he just says one thing after the other that just has us rolling. of course i cant think of anything funny at this moment. oh i know.

so we are leaving a party...ak's calendar is booked with birthday parties these days..
here he is trying his first candy apple.


little did he know that he was sitting right under the pinata


so anyway were in the car headed home for nap when,

ak - "i want to go to einsteins"

dad - "we only go to einsteins on saturday mornings."

ak - "well...i want to go to chick-fil-a...or something"

so i have been taking ak to school for the past month in my truck as a way to start that transition early rather than have so much change come when the baby arrives.

he loves to listen to "daddys music" and we rock out all the way to school. he keeps a shaker in the car and he is beginning to learn some of the lyrics to some of the songs.


ak - "i want to listen to sade!"

daddy - "ok, let me put it on. there. (music starts playing)

ak - "no, dont like that one. i want a faster song"

daddy - (skips songs)

ak- "yeah thats it. this one's my favorite. louder! roll down my window! put on my sungalasses! (begins to sing chorus) "smooth operator!"



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