Tuesday, May 12, 2009

getting close


We have been super busy of late...all so that we can be super slow come june when our new baby is set to arrive. We have been working on transitions. with ourselves, our environment and each other, especially ak. He is ready and just as excited as we are.

we went to see parenting specialist carrie contey and got some awesome info as always.

Carrie contey

t's mom is staying with us during the week to t out with the school


i have already begun driving ak to school as part of an early transition.

we steam cleaned our carpets with an organic steam cleaner (no toxic chemicals)

we put in some new grass in the backyard, very hard work but its coming in nicely.



i had a hard drive go out. lost all pictures of my life from honeymoon until ak's first birthday. Thank god i started the blog 6 months to a year before ak was born. now i have to go back to the photo server and download all the pictures before something happens to them online. if you have any his res photos from that time, email them to me.

Back up your files people!!! my files were backed up exept for one day and in that one day, when i was switching out drives,,,one failed. unbeleivable.

we got ak a new bed.

ak is really into dancing after we went to a dance show at my school. i filmed it and was editing it and ak fell in love with it. now he has to watch dance once a day. he dances around all the time and is a joy to watch him try to imitate the dance moves that he saw in the show. here he is with his scarf routine




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