Sunday, May 17, 2009

pics from other people


ak is really getting into water play lately. This little sprayplay was unplanned, hence the clothes, but he's been getting into his swim trunks and running thru the hose alot lateley.

We really wanted maternity photos this time. One of t's friends happened to come thru for us gratis. this is just one photo that i managed to steal from her.

Picture 1

T and ak and ak's friend D, were at Heartsong Music together the day they were taking photos for their new website, so i stole these pics off the site. We love heartsong.

Picture 2
Picture 3

speaking of other peoples photos, here are some of ak at school. they planted a garden and have been harvesting some crops.


our garden has been coming along nicely too and we are excited to harvest some lettuce.


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