Thursday, May 25, 2006

Day 11. The Recap of Day 10

Nothing today. I'm so glad I finally got to paint yesterday though. It's kinda weird, now that I have entered "day 11" that makes me realize that I was going to paint 10 days ago. Hmph, oh well. Life gets in the way of stuff that has to get done sometimes.

Well the room is painted!!!! The nursery looks better already! Here is a pic that I took midway to illustrate the huge differences in the white shades. The old paint was a nasty old peach hue (probably original) the new shade is a calming grey hue.

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Wednesday had me running some morning errands afterwich I was ready to start painting. I had already had all the supplies from previous projects so that was some money saved. I paid 30 bucks for a gallon of paint and was ready to go.

I started off pretty good, but soon realized I was having a bit of a time midway into it. Heres the thing. Since I was painting one white color onto another white color, it made it hard to see if i missed a spot. Oh and heres another thing. The texture on the walls is very rough. So rough that Even after buying the "rough surface roll" for my paint roller, I was having a hell of a time getting the paint to completely cover the wall. I found myself really having to push the paint roller to push the paint on the roll into all the crevices in the wall texture. I was painting so hard that I was bending the paint roller all out of whack! Then i would have to bend it back into place! uggg.
Here is a picture of how I would start

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and this is how I would end

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oH , and if that didnt suck enough, then I would find the roller slipping of the paint roller!

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I would have to whack the wall every 30 seconds to get it to stay on.

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I was getting tired and running out of paint.

I called Ecowise to order another gallon and headed that way.
oH and since ecowise is right next to HOMESLICE, I figured now would be a good time to get a snack. Homeslice is great, I highly recommend it! bUT get this! They are closed on tuesday. umm whatever. The best calzones I have ever had. Seriously.

While I was there, I decided to try this Maine Root Beer that ive been seeing so much of. ITs everywhere! I even saw it ON DRAFT at Wahoos the other day. Imagine, a soda, on draft!! well Isnt that the same as a fountain drink? Isn't that just marketing? WHOA I almost let that one slip by.

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I ordered one and the girl says, "whats the deal with those?"

I'm all, "I'm about to find out!"

It turns out that the deal is, its just root beer, but its ORGANIC!
Jeez. Louise. It did taste good, but id still take A&W.

more about it here

So back i go to finish the job, but I'm thinking....Those painting products are so cheap! Surely there is something better out there. I mean, isnt there a proffessional Bob Villa Signature Series Line of paint supplies out there? is it at Home Depot maybe?

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Surely there must be an upgrade available, I mean, this is AMERICA! home of the upgrade!
And if you know know that I'm all about the upgrade. But thats whats weird, i didnt get the upgrade sooner...why is that....

So i go to lowes. Sure enough there are some more "professional" tools available. But they are sooo professional that they are not even pushed as so. they sit there at the very end of the aisle with no fancy logos, no bling, and no fancy professional product packaging. But they definitly have a proffesional price tag. I pick up one of the rollers and push on it with all my strength to see if it bends like the old one. Nothing. Then I moved on the the extension poles. Now these were serious. Nice quality stuff.

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Extension pole with locking mechanism. None of this bullshit "turn to tighten" that only comes loose every minute or so.

I picked one up, connected it to my roller and moved on to the actual paint roll. i was scoping them out. I already had 2 unused ones at home, but they werent cutting it, so I sprang for the ..get this..are you ready for this... the Nine dollar sheepskin paint roll. This versus the $3 roll that i was using. I was like. Ok, i think im in business.

All the products were Wooster. More here.

Well I walked out of there with my Wooster in hand and my wallet was 41 bucks lighter.

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Dont fear the Wooster.

Well i got home and was ready to go to work!

Heres the first thing, the woosters roller has a clip system on it so that the roller clicks into place and wonts slide off on you. No more banging the wall to keep the thing from sliding off.

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You simply click it and forget it!

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Look at that Wool roller! Plush!

On to the painting. The difference was amazing i'd say ....100% better. I moved at breakneck speeds, no more problems, just quick and easy painting. So easy, i almost painted the closet too!

Look at the difference the lambswool roller makes (front). The nap is really effective in getting into that rough surface while the other just gets matted and flat.

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I threw all my old supplies away.

So the rooms all painted and it looks awesome. Now its on to the blinds. The blinds suck cuzz theyre made of metal , and there beige. look at the difference in color

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I have to "upgrade" those to the 2 inch faux wood versions. That will be the next project! Until next time!


Anonymous mOM said...

There is a little plastic thinga majig that you can get at the hardware store that makes it easier to wash your lambskin paint roller so you can use it again...or did you toss it? As I recall, you attach it to the hose???oR nOT. T might not feel so great about posing in the same clothes as the weeks get more numerous.

5/26/2006 1:59 PM  

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