Friday, August 04, 2006


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So I dont know how much i went into it in posts prior, but one of the last main things that has to get done are the doors. Here is the deal.

When i started painting the nursery and the bedroom, i realized the doors were the wrong color for the room, and that i wanted to paint them white in the bedroom and I wanted new doors for the nursery in a natural beech color.

Well i took the two doors off in the nursery and gave them to habitat re-store.


Theresa walks in to the nursery to check on Gil's progress.

Where are the doors?

Huh? Oh, I got rid of 'em. The wood is too dark for the room, Im going to get new doors.

Oh. Well how much do new doors cost?

Oh, not much, they sell them at Lowes, there cheap, dont worry about it. Ive already bought new stainless steel door knobs and hinges. I just got to buy the slab, put the door knob in and that'll be it. I'll probably do it all tomorrow.

So you know how to do that?

yeah, it shouldnt be too hard.

Theresa gives a look of approval as she sips her water and starts to walk into the bedroom

Hey, you spilt white paint all over the bathroom door!

Gil (yelling from other room)
Don't worry about it! I was just testing to see if i can paint the doors in the bedroom white with the finish thats on them. its not going to work, so I'm going to have to get new doors and paint them white for in there.

And that conversation took place about two months ago. And here we are again.
And while yes the bathroom door still has a swatch of white paint across it like that biblical story of when they had to put lambs blood on the door so the breath of god wouldnt kill the good people of Egypt, Its time is near.

I purchased all the new doors at LOWES the other day, but get this. they all were 1/4 inch too wide. So i had to get them trimmed. Enter Tony Romero.

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I took the doors over to his house and we trimmed them all down with this bad boy!

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I dont even know what this is called. but its heavy!

So now they all fit!!
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now i have to paint the ones in the bedroom, and put some polyurethane on the ones in the nursery. and i know what your thinking. the natural wood looks good in the bedroom, but its just a little too much birch,i thought about leaving it too but i decided to paint them white.


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