Sunday, August 27, 2006

Day 3. Great Nurses, more visitors

Day 3 was filled with visitors and family. Its so funny, You can tell alot about visitors that walk in just by if they go to wash their hands. (I would have been one of these people)

Micah, a 6 year old came in to say hi and washed his hands without being told. Then you had Middle aged people with kids of their own, (however born in a different generation), came in, no hand-washing, and just loved to kiss him. Quite interesting.

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Micah meets a new freind

the day started great, Akello has his little routine and only cries to communicate a diaper change, or a need to feed.

Some of the nurses here are amazing. others

WE had some great night shift nurses that really helped theresa through some tough times saturday night. While she is recovering very well from the surgery, She was having a tough time with her Milk coming in and engorging her breats. She used a breast pump to releive the pressure and get back on track.

we also used a supplement to get baby's weight back up.

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Theresa feeding a.k. the supplement

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i love this picture. We look horrible. this is how we were. wiped out. people would take multiple pictures and our eyes were always thin and squinted we were so tired. Tired but happy

Akello was loosing weight, (as all babys do) and babys dont gain it back until they feed on milk. Well mothers milk does not come in for 4 days. until then, they nurse on collostoram (sp) a thick syrapy nutritional fluid. Luckily akello was (cluster feeding)

meaning that we would feed very often. usually every hour. This will bring the milk in more quickly. we were lucky for that, since this all went down on our last night in the hospital.

thats another thing. we were lucky with that, some parents that have natural births go home in a day or 2...and all this happens at home, and some dont know what to do!

saturday night was tough, but it's over
It was very stressful with a high degree of empathy, from me and our visitors.

Theresa is so strong, I am very proud of her. With the help of the nurse, we got through the night and theresa was feeling much better on sunday morning.
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Thats another thing. We get soooo much conflicting information about baby.

it gets frustrating. Here is my favorite.

Nurse 1 "once the bottle of enfamil is open, it is only good for 4 hours"
Nurse 2 "once the bottle of enfamil is open, it is only good for 2 hours"
Nurse 3 " throw the bottle away after you use what you need, its no good after that"

You hear soo many "probably's" "maybe's" "could be's"

thats the thing. nobody really knows. its not like say... well, i'd like to say computer but..
well... car? no.....well you get the idea! oh i know, its not like a flashlight or anything where you know exactly whats wrong.


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