Sunday, July 30, 2006


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So I have been waging war with this stump in my yard for the past three days!

I told myself that i had to finish today b/c tommorrow begins the brushy pickup in my neighborhood and i didnt want to hold on to this thing for another 6 months.

Now let me tell you a little something about stump removal. Its easy, but its hard work. Now i had never removed a stump until last year, when My dad taught me how to do it on a tree that had died in our backyard. Heres the trick...Whenever you cut down the tree, you should leave at least 4 feet of tree trunk. This gives you something to push on or throw a chain around to hook up to your truck (you might be a redneck if...)

Well the probelm with this stump, is that I cut it down a long time ago when we first moved into the house, and i didnt know better at the time, and i had just cut it pretty low, about 6 inches to a foot off the ground. Lame

Well, it is now in the front yard, and a definite hazard for baby G.

Well, for those that dont know, heres a quick lesson on stump removal, and yes, I know, you could rent a stump grinder, but that costs money/time, its heavy and big, you got to get it to your house somehow/ blah blah

and yes, i know you can cut a grid into the stump with a chainsaw and pour some concoction and in it and it will eventually rot away.

Things you will need
1. gloves
2. steel toed boots
3. a big glass of water
4. safety goggles
5. a mattock
6. a shovel
7. a wheel barrow
8. more water
9. a chainsaw
10. a landscape bar (most important)

wait! this blog is about decorating! and baby! i dont know what came over me,
if you ever need help just ask me, i now have all the tools, and one less stump!

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Blogger tutul bd said...

If you recently cut down a tree and are looking to remove the stump for a low cost you can rent a tree stump remover for the day and chop up all of the stump grinder rental.

2/05/2013 10:29 AM  

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