Saturday, October 28, 2006

Its off to work we go!

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the other day i had a special treat. Theresa and akello stopped by my work to say hi!
it was a complete surprise and so much fun. "i was on the way back from walking him on town lake and i thought i would swing by...there was a free parking space, so i had to stop!" said theresa. And just in time for lunch too!.

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We went next door to Jo's Coffee for lunch and akello slept for pretty much the whole time. it was the first time we were out and about with akello. it was really cool to have him stop in. i wanted to put him on all the chairs and take pics, but i knew better than to overstimulate him in an already stimulating environment.

Product Review: My first years Bottle warmer

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Having already bought and tried a portable bottle warmer that we thought we could get double use out of, we were unimpressed. so we took it back and got this one. it costs a little bit more but it's for the home and works a lot better for us.

it heats up the bottles very quickly. but if you get one, read the directions!
you see the little viles of water that attach to the sides? those are the trick. you fill them up to a certain amount depending on ounces and size of bottle. You must be precise, a little bit too much and the milk boils. a little too less and youve got room temp milk. it takes a little getting used too. when your ready to warm it up, you pour the water in, put in the bottle, and press start. it works by boiling the water on the bottom. and its barely any water. imagine a shot glass. now imagine 1/4 of that. thats about how much water goes into it, wich can be confusing at first.

it also comes with a handy cooler that holds two bottles and an ice pack. we havent used that part yet.

i give it 4 out of 5 nipples.

Recommended. Get yours here


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