Thursday, November 09, 2006

a post from theresa!

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And now for your daily zen…
When I walked in to the room the lyrics to the classic Jim Croce song, “Time in a Bottle,” immediately came to mind:

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I'd like to do
Is to save every day 'til eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you.

If I could make days last forever
If words could make wishes come true
I'd save every day like a treasure and then
Again I would spend them with you.

It is in these quiet moments that I truly appreciate and understand how difficult it must be sometimes, for Gil to go off to work. Akello is growing and changing so quickly. It is an amazing honor to be a part of his unfolding life whether he is laughing, crying, in action or in slumber. This moment frozen in time reminds me that it is important to treasure all the time spent together no matter how short or how long. I am thankful for this day and this moment.


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