Monday, November 06, 2006


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thanks for your patience. i know its been a while.

Lately our main focus has been on establishing a sleepytime routine and getting him on a sleep schedule. Theresa usually starts the routine at 6 and if im lucky i get home by 6:30 to catch a glimpse of him before theresa puts him to sleep.

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theresa doing sensory time during bedtime routine.

sometimes i arrive just in time to put him to sleep. he has been doing pretty good about sleeping for 2 to four hours at a time and waking up to nurse and then up and at'em at around 5:30am.

This is his most alert time. from 5:30 to 7:30

at the same time that we started the sleep routine, we started co-sleeping. It's nice to all be sleeping together but at the same time i dont get the consistent sleep that i used to with akello and theresa sleeping in the nursery. But i still prefer the co-sleeping. I like the fact that i am close by readily available should they need me.
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with bedrail

i think this has a lot to do with my not updating the blog so much. i do it at night, and the past week since we started co-sleeping, i am ready for bed at 8 or so. its 10:13 right now, but i had to update!

so i will keep it short.

since we started the co-sleeping, we added a bed rail for safety. akello sleeps on the end, theresa in the middle, and then me at the other end.

a while back he was getting congested at night and would wake up coughing. My mom had given us a humidifier, so we busted it out. no direcs. so i went to the website. no direcs there either. so i went to walmart to buy a new filter, and to open up a humidifier to read the directions. pero alas....they were out of the one we had. we put it close to the bed and its a nice bonus that it makes a white noise! akello needs that in order to sleep for long periods. it drowns out all the kitchen noises and such that go on once he goes to bed at 7. well it seems to be working. now he only gets congested at 5 instead of midnight. so he sleeps better longer.

this week has been "break week". the lawnmower didnt start...the TV upstairs didnt start either. LAME!

Another trip to work!
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i caught theresa playing with Akello the other day. She has such a knowlege of kid songs and games from being a teacher. everytime he starts crying theresa is there with a new song, or when its playtime theresa has a new game or something. If he starts crying on me, i start making up words to whatever song is in my head. ususally there is no song in my head which doesnt help.

i always blank at this moment and can never think of ANY song i have ever heard in my entire life.

He sure is babbling a lot these days. its so fun. he will say something, and then i will say something and so on. we had a very deep conversation about my jeans the other day

grandparents came for a visit last week too!
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now you listen here.

everyone around us is pregnant these days. Theresa had breakfast with some of her freinds. can you guess which ones are pregnant?
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Anonymous Corina said...

OMG!!! Dude thank you so much for sharing your life with us!! You are so lucky to have a wonderful and beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing Corina

11/10/2006 7:33 PM  

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