Tuesday, June 26, 2007

what is up with all this rain!

man its been raining here like crazy. akello and i got caught in it the other day while on our morning walk. luckily we found a vacant house close by that was for sale and we took cover under their awning. akello slept thru the whole thing. there are some pretty neat looking homes around these parts most are built in the 50's and while i wouldnt call them midcentury modern, there is an infuence. these are some of my faves.


these are all anywhere from 80 to 125k. ive been looking at all the for sale info tubes.

PITT-PUP update. looks like sales are slow. they are now giving sneak peaks of the merchandise. i swear, im no dog breeder or nothing, but i think thems is mixed!


look at this. run out of wall space for the renoir? no sweat! there is plenty of wall on the opposite side!


on too akello or akellito as we sometimes call him.

akello is 1o months now and making new discoveries daily. he has figured out that thats him in the mirror. he has also started to take a real interest in shadows


he waves hi and bye a lot and likes to practice his wave.

everyday when theresa goes off to school, i hold akello and we go outside and theresa sings a song to akello and then we wave her off. he is totally happy to get to wave and starts waving inside as theresa starts loading up all her bags on her shoulders.

but he also knows that she should be back at 4:30. and if shes not, he wont take rain or traffic for an excuse and will start to wimper at the window, looking out, waiting for that certain engine to roll up the drive way. theesa was way late the other day and he got so sad that he cried himself to sleep in my arms. theresa came in and snapped this picture.


happier times (dryer too) were saturday when Lona invited us all to her house in arlington for some serious rest and relaxation. now remember, i had been up the night before kicking it with the neighbors, and sat rolls around and im feeling pretty beat after a long week with kello and a long drink with the neighbors. we rolled in round 2 and were immediatly treated to tia nita's famous sweet potato chips


(akello even had his own special batch made sans seasoning) akello ate them up!



they were delicious and it was tough not to get too full on them. i snacked on some strawberry margarita and relaxed poolside for most of the day while akello laughed at our attempt to divert his attention from the stereo with this mundane teething toy.


them strawbery margaritas were gooooood, so good that i almost forgot to do the laundry while i was there. lona had said we could, and thats all it tooK. The ribs and corn ears where nice and all, but nothing beats doing your laundry while you sip some ritas.

mona and kells

after i was all good and liquored up, i decided to bring akello into the pool! ha, (dont worry theresa was there too) as was paul and mona.



Paul helped akello put on the sunscreen. he wasnt to crazy about that but he was crazy about lonas pet chiwawa (bruiser). him and akello made fast freinds. i got to say, i am so happy that akello tolerates dog barking. its just a loud sound to him. when we go on walks im always like "crap theres a dog! please dont bark at us, were just passing throgh" they usually bark, but akello never cares. its always me thats all freaking out.


practicing the wave with tia mona

akello had a good time in the pool and i was able to show theresa what we do in swim. my batts ran out, luckily lona took these pics. so after a long day, we headed home.


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