Thursday, June 28, 2007



it rains here every 3 hours. its been that way for a week. just had to get that out of the way.

so last sunday. yes, im talking about last sunday.
we were going to go to see my uncle paul sing at his church righ there off 360 and green oaks. thats how i talk these days. im begining to sound a lot like my father in law. well akello had other plans, the partying at lonas the day before had wiped him out and his morning nap was for 2 hours plus, (usually it 30 min to an hour). i should have known. then i could have napped too rather than getting ready with my black polo shirt, jeans , and sundays best flipflops. thats all i brought as far as dress up. didnt even think about it, cuss i go to st. james in austin where you can where shorts to church. thats how i roll.

i was behind some guy today at the babysrus check out line buying a toilet for akello (his training starts tommorrow) and he had this t-shirt that read.
"drinking beers and shooting bucks!, thats how i roll!" wow i thought to myself. the t-shirt had a picture of a 10 point buck and a bunch of beer cans.

i thought to myself, how funny that a phrase that originated in hip hop culture has made its way all the way to the redneck standing in front of me at a babys r us in mesquite texas, (which is horribly stocked by the way)


so in true gil garcia style we skip church but still meet paul & mona and pauls dad, (paul sr.) and mom (winbing) at "la isla mexicana" a greasy spoon offering the finest mariscos this side of pioneer parkway & 360.

mona and kello

they had ecxellent iced tea and good salsa. i had this weird hankering for fried shrimp cuss i was putting on this puppet show in the back of the car on the way over for akello using these little finger puppets that we picked up at ikea. they are all sea creatures. Mr. shrimp was looking really good that day and i had to have some. everyone else at the resturant had enchilladas but me.

paul is actually trying to make akello laugh here. Personally i find this pic quite scary.

Paul was going to buy us lunch but paul senior trumped him. i hadnt seen pauls parents in years. we figured it out, 17 years. they looked the same.

paul sr. and winbing

one of these days im going to look the same to someone.



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