Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Djembes for the Boys!


So T bought me a djembe for christmas. I have been wanting one for years, but the one i wanted is expensive, and have never had that kinda money laying around. and at this point i would be very happy with a good "starter" djembe. a DJEMBE is a hand drum that originated in africa. DJEM is a type of tree that they are originally made from and BE means goat, for the goatskin that is used as a head.

I not only wanted one for me, but i also wanted one for AK, so we could learn together. I knew that he would want one of his own and would never let me have a turn if we didnt get one for him.


So we had to budget that in to the gift as well. I am very happy with my Toca Canon Djembe. its has a 14inch head and is big. prolly the biggest that i have seen. it has a synthetic shell and sounds surprisingly good for its pricepoint. its also rope tuned. giving it a more authentic look. they are just as much decoration as function.
ak's is a REMO. Remo makes an awesome kids line of percussion instruments that are very durable and sound great. they arent cheap though. i had seen his djembe at Tommys drum shop and guessed it to be 30 bucks, but it was double that. sounds great though.


AK still likes to play mine though, so his just sits there. No, not really, but it was like that at first. now he gets into it, because he can strap his around his neck and dance around the house. he also likes to take it on the trail when we go running. he beats it as we run along and it makes for a nice little horn to alert people that they are about to get passed on the left. much more pleasant than "beep beep"



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