Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Day 17. Flor Designer

oh my good lord! I cant decide on a pattern for the FLOR tiles in the nursery!
Its driving me crazy! Too many options. afraid im missing out on a really cool pattern. I have been at the computer all night trying out different patterns in relation to the way the furniture sits in the room. Here is a screenshot of the flor designer that you can find on the DWR website

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This is pretty much what i have decided on unless anyone can suggest anything else. I have tried toooons of different designs and this one seems to be the one i like the most. One of the montessori rules is that the room should be peaceful, calm and relaxing. Im afraid that having the tiles scattered around all randomly will have this crazy dirsturbing effect and make the child uneasy. Isn't that stupid of me? Wow how your brain thinks when your a parent. I always try to look at it this way. I will remember something from my room for instance.
I dont remember what carpet we had, or what color the walls were painted. Im not scarred or anything. That always puts things in perspective for me. Even theresa ok'd a checkerboard pattern using the two colors that I have decided on, but I am just not feeling it. Too busy.

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Oh and get this. I was all about to order this flor tile days ago, but have been putting it off and putting it off. Then i found out yesterday that there is this contest at work. Whomever sells the most Herman Miller Product during the Herman Miller sale that runs June 3-17 will get a $750 DWR gift certificate. So I am going to try and win that! and if I do, i will be using that money to order the tile!


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