Saturday, June 17, 2006

DAY 31, Its been a month


Sorry for that 5 day Gap! I have been getting home late and my mind has been very tired lately. I was supposed to go to IKEA this coming tuesday with Bruce, but he couldnt go, so he went this past tuesday instead. He did however pick up the bed that i was going to buy. And while thats great and all, my schedule is all off and I am racing to pick the paint colors for the master bedroom, so i can paint, so that i can then steam clean the carpet, so that I can then setup the bed! (which theresa and I are very eager to see in the room!

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This is the bed. Its called "the malm". We also got two nightstands to go with it. I was going to get a dresser too, but our bedroom is sooo small, i wanted to get things set up first to see if there would be visual room. right now, our dressers are in the closets.

So my mind has somewhat shifted to the masterbedroom rather than the nursery. I am going to paint on tuesday and try to have the steam team come on wednesday, then i can put up the bed on thursday. thats the plan anyway.

As far as the nursery goes, i did make one change. I changed the light switch in the room from the standard kind to the new kind. (i honestly dont know how to describe these. But thats why theres pictures!!!

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the cool thing about this switch is that its a lot easier to turn on in the dark, because when its turned off, it glows!

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Other than that, i am still thinking about the birds and how i should put them up. i am worried that they might be too big for the room. As much as it pains me to do this, i think i might WAIT TO PUT THEM UP! yep, you heard it here folks. I want the mural to be up first. then we will see if the birds "fly" or not.

Speaking of mural,
i have come up with the idea of what i want to do. I need to sketch it out on paper and refine it enough to be "art ready" for the artist on July 15th. here is the rough idea.

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The Mural will be composed of 3 trees. All different values of the same shade of blue with the tree in the forefront painted in the strongest color. I am also going to use that same color to trim out the doors OR i will use the same color to paint to doors. dont know yet. OOO i might use all colors elsewhere in the room, since I have to buy the paint anyway. I think i will paint one door, blue, the other bluer, and finally i will trim out the inside of the window bay in the bluest blue. yep. that sounds good.for now anyway. i will change my mind by the time my head hits the pillow. speaking of pillows. We have managed to make it to chapeter 5 of the davinci code. Theresa and i take turns reading to the baby so it can get used to our voices. well, my voice really, he hears theresa all the time. He is getting big! youll see tomorrow. ummm, i think thats it for now. Oh Theresa just shot down my color ideas for the bedroom. so never mind on that. looks like i will be painting the whole thing the same white thats in the nursery. TaaTaa!


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