Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day 34 Theresas update, a new chair, new paint!


Lets start things off with a message from Theresa:

Happy Tuesday everyone!

It's been awhile since I've updated you on Baby G and
me. We are doing well and feeling great. It's hard
to believe we're already to week 30 (30 weeks and 4
days to be precise, if one can be in these
situations). My health is checking out well. There
are always those series of test you take. I do have
anemia so I'm taking extra iron supplements. My
energy level hasn't been lacking so it was definitely
news to me but I definitely have a family history of
being anemic. My gestational diabetes test was normal
so I don't have to give up the sweets which I try not
to consume to much of anyway but it's nice to know I
can have a piece of cake if I choose to. Baby boy's
health is good as well, strong heart, strong kicks
(he's very busy in there), good fundal height (that's
one of my new favorite terms, it basically means how
he measures in utero from head to rump).
I've attached a picture of us at 30 weeks. I will try
to send out updates more frequently as we approach the
BIG day.

Thank always for your continued prayers, support and
well-wishes. You are all a blessing in our lives.
Theresa and Baby G.

Yesterday we received a really cool gift from Michelle called
the bumbo chair!

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This is an awesome little chair, and the baby models on the box look terribly cute.
especially the little black one. I must say, everytime i see a black baby I start to wonder what my kid will look like, and i some how conjure up an image of my big head on a little baby's body. like that horrible movie that's out right now that the keenan ivory wayans brothers are putting out. soooo stupid. But i digress.

So this chair is really cool and blue! so it totally goes in the room, but it wont be used there so much. Here is what Michelle has to say about it:

Hey T,
I am glad you got the chair. Isn't it so cool? Well you can sit the baby in it BEFORE they can sit on their own. That is what is so cool about it. It sits them up in a comfortable position. It say something like 3-14 months, but as long as they can hold their head upright you can sit them in it. You can feed them in it (when away from a highchair) and bring it from room to room to do different things around the house. Also bring it with you away from home. When I discovered it I was so bummed that I did get me one by discovering it sooner. I think it can be pretty useful. I hope Baby G likes it.

Now Montessori would disagree with this chair because the baby can not get in or out of it on babys own accord, But theresa likes the way that its just babys size and how it supports him in sitting up independantly. I think this its cool too and have vetoed the montessori rule on this one.

Now lets talk about the painting saga. So I am dying to put up our new bed from IKEA!
it sits dormant while i try to finish up the painting in our bedroom. But watching sports pretty much got in the way today. Theresa tells me that theres no need to head out to sportsbars anymore because the spanish channel is broadcasting all the world cup games. And we DO get the spanish channels. So i wake up and sure enough, I was pretty much glued to the TV until 4:00. THEN i started to paint.

Here is a before picture.

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I talked about this last time, the whole painting saga. So after looking at the swatches I decided against the purple wall, I thought that it would be too dark for theresas tastes, even though i am of course cool with it. So im discussing this with the peeps at work, getting their feedback on the colors and all, and Stephani says. "you should get the paint at 75% saturation, because the paint is going to go on darker than what that swatch looks like. Im all, hmm.....

So i go off the store to get the paint and tell them that i wanted to get one gallon of paint, then i remembered the 75% business, so i go, oh wait, make it 75! and there all ok, but then im all, Oh wait! just give me a little test cup. and they're all "ill just do it at 75 and then if its too light, just bring it back and ill add the 25%! Sweet! so i grab my gallon of 75% light gray paint and leave.

Well i forget that the paint that i have is 75%, and that i need to test it, So i just go full throttle and finish out the room, finishing at 11:00. then theresa walks in and is all, "ooo i like it! its kinda blue though, I take a look at it. It hits me. its blue. i run and get the swatch book and compare it to the swatch. Not EVEN close! Damn! I FORGOT that i had 75% and that i was supposed to test it first. Lame! so i got to do it all over again tomorrow. thats after the world cup games of course.

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Blogger Amy said...

Bumbo chairs ROCK!!!! My cousin has one for his son! You will get SOOOO much use out of it when the baby is big enough for it. Congrats on your progress. Can't hardly wait to meet the baby! T, you look great! Like I told you a couple weeks back, i look forward to your sunday pics.

6/21/2006 9:54 AM  

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