Friday, June 30, 2006

A day We will never forget!


Little T has been like an air traffic controller these days. I came home and she’s sitting in the office at the computer, on the phone,
talking to a dealer, cell phone ringing.. multiple windows open on the computer screen…trying her best to find a good deal on a used Honda CRV.

We didn’t go to Cedar Park after all,
The folks at Howdy Honda called just in a nick of time to follow up on a call that T made.

So yesterday we headed over to the place. Fell in love with a White CRV that was Certified pre-owned, put a down payment on it to hold it, and then left to go to a class at the hospital that Theresa signed us up for.

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This class was pretty big and was part of a 5 week course that meets once a week. We only came to this session because we don’t need the other classes seeing as how we are having a planned cesarian surgery. So no lemas classes for us! Ha! I am sure I misspelled both of those pregnant words.

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It's so funny being around different parents to be. Like we can totally pick out who are going to be the paranoid ones and such.

So after they played the video about cesarian procedures we split to our favorite resturant Z Tejas to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. My sister Gina had given us a gift card for Z, so that made it even sweeter!

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Happy 3rd!

So we get home and the carpet in the bedroom is dry….enough…lets say to put up the bed!

I started at 11:30 and gave up at 2 AM. I DON’T UNDERSTAND
I can’t get the slats to stay on the pinche bed! I get it all set up, put the mattress on, I get in it, and it caves in!!

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What suck is that the direcs are no help. Remember, this bed is from IKEA!

There are no words on the directions, and they have different direcs for full vs queen vs king. But WHATEVER. Im going to have to call the customer service rep tomorrow. Very frustrating.

Well today after work, we went back to the Howdy Honda to follow up on the car, well…we negotiated a good deal and bought it!!!

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We are THRILLED!! We both loooove the car and think it’s the perfect fit for us.
We liked our salesman too and recommend him if you are buying a used honda.
his name is Vito! We really loved buying this car. Sooo much better than when we almost bought one at Classic Honda a while back. They SUCK!

Well after we drove it home, We went straight back downtown to see the Carl Palmer Concert at La Zona Rosa!

For those that don’t know… I am a pretty big Emerson Lake and Palmer fan. So when I found out Carl Palmer, the drummer was making the touring circuit through Austin..and he was going to be playing ELP music with his new band, I flipped! We went and it was an amazing show!

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I was front and center the whole show!I still have concert high. I bought a poster there at the show and lined up to have Carl sign it. Then Theresa took a photo!

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Here he is signing my poster! What an amazing night! This is Carl Palmer!!! My favorite drummer!! One of the reasons I play drums today! And here I am taking a photo with him! Freaking ridiculous! You just don’t understand. Anyway I was all the way at the front.

Theresa who sat in the very back stated, “I could hear you yelling all the way over here. I knew you were excited cuzz you didn’t even get a beer.”

Im so glad that this was my son's first concert too! Too cool.

Ummm I think that’s it. An amazing day.


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