Thursday, June 29, 2006

what a day!

Where do I start!

Its been super busy these past two days, Theresa and I have done so much, I don’t know where to start. I was way too tired to write last night, I think I might start blogging in the morning instead at the end of the day, we will see. Well Tuesday started off with some painting. After the standard 2 trips to Home Depot, and a World Cup Match, I was ready to go.

So I started taping things off. I got to say…learn from my mistake..Do trim and baseboards FIRST!!
uGgg. Don’t get me started.

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So check these little bad boys out. They are perfect for “L” corners but work well with corners of the room as well

just do two strips moderately close

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and then fill the gap!

So after I taped things off…I took a break and headed over to Eurway to pick up a nelson ball clock knock off.

Here is a picture of the real deal that I really wanted to get for the kids room.. but you may remember from a past blog, Theresa said no! tooo expensive!

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But then I came across this one! A cheap Chinese knock off that only cost $37

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I went back home and put it up immediately!

Well, back to the painting…

Well I had this great idea, cuzz I’m painting the baseboards now… I pulled up the carpet and tucked the plastic drop cloth under the carpet. Pretty smart right? Even Theresa was giving me the Kudos. Well that worked great and all but my paintbrush was getting dirty with all the old grit and dirt from underneath the carpet. I should have vacuumed before going forward. But anyway. So after the baseboards were dry, I laid the carpet back down on the tack strip and was going to use a mallet to hammer the carpet back into place on the tack strip. So I lay the carpet down and realize that theres no way that I can get the carpet to the way it was before.

So I trimmed off what used to lie underneath the baseboard and then placed the carpet back down and hammered away! But it wasn’t taught like it used to be. So I quit doing this. (pulling up the carpet)

Back to home depot for a paint shield. Which reminds me to tell y’all, I usually like Lowes, But when it comes to painting supplies, HOME DEPOT is the way to go.

This reminds me of a joke Uncle Joe told me …
If a guy has to go back to HEB more than once …then he’s a total joto. (pronounced hoto)
But if a guy goes back to Home Depot oh say…twenty times in a day…than its totally cool.

This is so true. Well true that I make umpteen trips to the Depot whenever I’m in project mode. The worst part is when you see the same people there on your sub-sequent trips

OLD MAN: Run out of masking tape did ya!

GIL: I accidentally bought the “for delicate surfaces” version. I just saw blue tape and picked it up. This shit barely stays on!

OLD MAN: Oh yeah, you got to be careful, they come up with all different versions to try to rip you off. Things nobody needs like these stupid corner pieces…

GIL: Corner Pieces? Ooo let me see those!!!!

so here is a pick with me rocking the shield. it worked out nice!

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By this time it was 4:00 so I went to go pick Theresa up from her job downtown (she had to go in today) Then we went to a “class.” first of many i'm sure….

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It was free at the community center. It was very informative and helpful. I learn stuff about babys all the time now that I had no idea about. It was from 7-9 and by the time 9 came around we thought only 30 minutes had passed. That’s how into it that we were.

It seems I have forgotten everything by now, but I know it will kick in once something happens, like…Why is my baby loosing all his hair! Oh yeah! The class!

So after the class we stopped at the home depot to rent a carpet cleaner. It was only 19 bucks for 4 hours. The guy shows me how to use it and off I go, excited to clean the carpets so I can set up the new bed!!

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Well I get home, clear out the room, and get that bad boy going. I start to clean and then it happens

The thing shit on my carpet.

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That’s right, brown liquid gunk just started dribbling out of the back end of it…leaving a trail of shit!
Kinda counterproductive wouldn’t you say?

I was so pissed! Theresa handed me some car upholstery cleaner, and luckily it worked to pick up the shit that the “carpet cleaneer” put on my cream colored carpet. Ohhh I was pissed. So this not only didn’t work, but it cost me a day. I took a picture of the carpet disaster and put the whole thing in the garage.

Well the next morning, I headed straight to the depot first thing to drop off the thing and brought along a picture that I printed them out for proof. Then I got on the phone with THE STEAM TEAM! No more DIY for me , I was done with it.

So the Steam team was super nice and very accommodating. I told them I needed this done ASAP, Today. And they were all, how about 11-2?

How’s that for accommodating? In fact the guy Frank is here now doing the work, that’s why im writing so much, cuss I had to disconnect the internet cables in the living room so they would be out of his way. But man! The carpet looks awesome!!!

Be it known: We ARE going to a no shoe policy in the house. Be prepared on your next trip over

Ok, so I forgot to say, Theresa came home and saw the clock on the wall. Im in the other room and I hear Theresa use her teacher voice. “what is this clock doing on the wall”

Ooo she was pissed, but that’s because she thought it was the expensive version. Once she realized it was a knock off she simmered down. I forgot to prep her about that. Anyway. Shes all, “im still not sure about this” and this throws me…

GIL: What? I thought you didn’t like it cuzz it was too expensive.

Theresa: well yes, but baby don’t need no clock in his room.

Gil: ah come on …come on….whats the big deal… it looks way cool!!!

Theresa: just cuss its cool does not mean it belongs in the room.

So I suggested a different placement and sold it as art more than a clock.

She goes…”ill think about it..hold on to that receipt”

Damn!! Even when Theresa lays the law down she is super sexy! All Angela Basset Strange Days style!

Well she woke up this morning and approved it! Yippee!!

Well, we are off to look at a HONDA CRV in Cedar Park, lets hope things go well.


Blogger Amy said...

You will NEED the clock when it comes time for feedings and scheduling. My nephew's nursery does not have a clock and my sister is always complaining how she needs one in there. So yay for T approving the clock. Sorry that cleaner shit on your carpet. :D Keep blogging man...keep blogging.

6/29/2006 9:43 AM  

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